Are you prepared for Hurricane/Nor'Easter Sandy?

Those of you in the eastern USA have no doubt heard Sandy is on the way. What have you done to prepare?

I have another Rayovac 3xD lantern and a bunch of assorted batteries on the way. Need to hit Target or something this weekend for some assorted house crap. (I am sure that will be a show.)

Eh , this aint gonna be nothin .

Care to elaborate? Do you know something I do not?

I'm on Long Island, a few miles from the north shore. (Huntington) I'm prepared as much as I can be. I have an 8000 watt generator, and a couple of high volume water pumps just in case my basement get's flooded (never happened before). I'll be taping up the 2 larger windows on my house. Other than that, I'm praying it's not going to be as bad as they say. Oh yeah, I have plenty of batteries and flashlights just in case

It’s wierd… I greatly respect the power of nature… but I can’t lie, there is part of me that almost hopes for something to happen so I can use some of my toys. :slight_smile: Yes, I realize that is completely nuts.

I’m pretty skeptical it will be as bad as some are saying, but gotta prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

Generator is definitely on my list. I’ve been fortunate so far, but a friend of mine lost power for a week or so back in July when those storms hit DC. Not the end of the world, but not a fun situation.

Here in Florida this storm won't affect us much , aside from some beach erosion , maybe a tree down here and there .

Hopefully .

( Frankenstorm , aw come on )

Frankenstorm… Lol that’s a new one.

I think more than severity that nickname has to do with the rare occurence of a hurricane coming up from cuba combining with a “nor’eastah”.

The point is not that its a monster… just that Frank was made from more than one body.

There’s no denying the media likes to hype everything. It keeps ratings up and their pockets fat. Self interest.

I think the best way to prevent a power outage is to buy a generator.I purchased one three years ago and the power hasn’t gone out for more than 2hrs. since!I think most of the people on this forum are better prepared for this sort of thing than the general masses.And I agree with Haterade, I wouldn’t mind a chance to test some of gear also.A power outage of a few days would be “fun” for me!Of course I would still have heat, hot water, light, ect……I’ll keep busy helping my neighboors.

One of the models has the storm moving right over my house. :~
I charged up all my 18650’s and got a 30 pack of miller light :bigsmile:

Good call on the miller! S)

I’m in DC metro not far from you probably. Hoping it passes north.

I've been wondering if it would be better for the eye of the storm to pass straight through your area rather than constantly being on the outer diameter of it since as they say, the center is calm so at least you'll get a few moments of reprieve... does anyone know?

As for me, yup, I'll be ready (charging up all the batteries now). :) Even so, praying it won't be as bad as they are predicting.

This one is easy, if the Eye passes over you that means the leading edge (heavy,Hard and slow moving) hit you first, then the eye (calm) than the rear edge (heavy and fast moving)
So, No it is not a good thing to get it right over you.

I am in the projected path as well. I have only 3 concerns.

  1. Keep Sump Pump running in basement.
  2. Keep Fridge and freezer running.
  3. Have enough Beer.

Good luck everyone,

Yeah the ‘eye of the storm’ thing is overblown. It is by no means safer to be dead center in the path like that. A few fleeting moments of calm in the eye are not worth being hit with the full brunt of it the rest of the time.

That being said… there will always be those rare crazy stories… like the kid that was sucked up by a tornado and then set down [relatively] gently 50 yrds from his house, with only scrapes and bruises. That is the exception, not the rule.

I’m pretty well set, water, food and of course beer in the basement. Three sump pumps installed and two spares (I use them to pump the pool). 8.5K generator and a 3K back-up generator (two is one…) with a 10 circuit transfer switch and of course lots of flashlights and lanterns.
Bring it on!

Hey atbglenn, I was born in Huntington. My mother’s family was from Riverhead.

I have plenty of water, a backup kerosene heater with plenty of fuel and I am charging batteries like a mofo as I type.

going to charge up all the batteries for this one!

and i already have lots of aas and aaas for backup

we will have light!

yeah… i still have to get to the grocery store lol… but i have the lighting all set!

I'm going to start charging tonight through tomorrow. Have plenty of AA cells handy already. Just need to get groceries tomorrow but only for a few days worth. Will blow over quickly enough.

We’ve got plenty of water, food, lights, & batteries. I’ve always wanted to buy a generator, but we’ve never lost power for more than an hour or 2, so my wife thinks it is unnecessary. I almost look forward to a couple days sans electricity just to nudge her to my viewpoint. :wink:

Welcome to BLF, emmet! Hope you enjoy your time here.

I here you on that last sentence... Nothing helps to convince a spouse faster that a minor emergency to allow for more preps in the budget.

Hope y'all up there fair well.

Probably won’t get much here so I haven’t prepared at all.

To all you with generators, be careful and make sure you don’t backfeed out of your house, workers have been killed by lines that were energized by people’s generators.