Are you tossing more batteries since you got a Opus charger ?

I'm curious with the popularity of this charger if people are recycling more ,less or the same number of batteries .?

Yep I’ve tossed out several Li-ions of poor quality. I suspected they were in bad shape but after confirming on the Opus confirmed it.

I never tossed a cell yet but I hope to when I get the Opus.

Yes I’ve discarded all my ultrafires (mostly 18650s) after confirming with the C3100 that they were bad batteries. :slight_smile:

Except for a MarsFire 26650 (flames design) and 2 TrustFire 16340s that tested good, all cells that I kept are Panasonics, Sanyos, Samsungs, a Redilast, and King Kongs. And I’m not buying ultrafires anymore.

I have, although none of them have been Li-ions. I finally got around last weekend to running some tests on my oldest non-lsd AA cells and the very first 4 pack of NiMH cells I ever bought… a set of Powerex 2200mah cells from (i’m guessing here) over 10+ years ago charge up to almost 3400mAh going in but discharge to less than 900mAh (one being about 450) on all cells. I guess that explains why they get so warm. They will be recycled soon. Almost all of the non lsd aa’s and aaa’s I bought year back when I had cameras, etc that used them will also be recycled as most are cheap Ebay cells. They all loose so much charge in such short order now and I have more XX Eneloops on the way to easily replace them if I needed them.

One thing I have found myself doing is testing allot of my 18650/26650 cells to see how close to their labelled capacity they actually achieve. Most are within 5% on the 18650 (Sammy, LG, Panny cells). The Trustfire 26650’s have been a nice surprise with the 4 I have run through all coming in between 4500-4700mAh. The real shocker is the one Trustfire 32650 cell I have coming in at just over 6300mAh!

I love this charger!