OK’ish to good, overpriced lights but horrible CS and warranty support.

I sent warranty request via your website, no one answer till now. Could you check that please?

Waiting for 70% off and free shipping.

I knew this thread would be fun to read :slight_smile:

Wow, BLF members really love Armytek!

Armytek, your poor customer service has nearly destroyed your reputation on BLF and in the wider flashlight enthusiast community.

Please see this recent thread as an example: . There are many other threads like it, both here and on reddit.

IF people do recommend Armytek lights on reddit or BLF, they always warn about your terrible customer service, and suggest buying from a third-party distributor like killzoneflashlights in order to receive good customer service.

But many of your flashlights are very good. They have good features, warm and high CRI options, and great durability.

Armytek would surely be a well-liked and often-recommended brand on here and on reddit, if only you had decent customer service.

Please consider investing in better customer service. Improving your reputation and actually honoring your warrantee will lead to more happy customers, and in the end, more sales. It will more than make up for the money you save by trying to deny every warrantee claim. Even if you lowered your warrantee to 5 years, but actually honored claims, it would be a huge improvement.

…not like they’ll even read any of that. Oh well. I may pick up something in this sale. I have personally bought from armytek in the past, and have experienced their terrible, unhelpful, unresponsive customer service. But I always pay with PayPal, and indicating that I would file a PayPal claim to get my money back was enough to get them to respond and fix the issue. Obviously YMMV, and I wouldn’t suggest ordering from them directly unless you pay with paypal and are experienced in/willing to deal with customer service whose job is seemingly to deny as many claims as possible.

PayPal is going belly up?

You have to send it in for warranty. Is it reasonable to expect to have some place in every country in the world to send it in for warranty other than China? Not really. I think they are selling a lot more lights than blf would suggest. They revamped their entire line of headlights over the last 2 years. And they just came out with a white and green led model within the last month or three. I’m pretty sure they have more headlight models than any other manufacturer. There are so many that if you are not familiar with them it is hard to decipher all the differences. Yes they all kind of look the same but they are not. I searched this site a few days ago for reviews of arguably their top tier and or best selling headlight which is the wizard C2 pro. I found at least four very extensive and elaborate reviews and they all had plenty of praise for the model. There were not a lot of responses to those reviews. I put off buying my first armytek for a long time. In the end I wasn’t happy with the headlights I had and looking at all of the details of the armytek pro model at the time convinced me that I wanted it. The current C2 pro warm at 4000k, 83 cri, and duv at –0.0029 makes me happy. But it’s really the entire package. 120 degree beam, totally water proof, UI, easy charging, deep carry clip, flashing indicator on a good switch, 9 output levels not counting the out of the way Blinky stuff. If the lights that you have currently make you happy, then don’t buy an armytek. I do wish that they had more high cri >90 options.

Honestly, I’ve got 6 Wizards and I love them.

I only hope they take these comments to heart to improve their reputation.

You really do make very good lights, that I wear everyday.

Welcome back!

I used to love armytek until I needed warranty. Worst customer service and warranty in the flashlight world. Very unfortunate considering they make claims of being Canadian and having hassle free warranties. I’m actually shocked that armytek is still in business.

They probably sell to newbies and those who have not experienced the bad service.
While Flashlights are often a repeat business those who somehow missed the warnings or got lucky and have not needed the warranty are keeping them afloat.

Over the years i have seen some good prices but decided not to risk it since i don’t have money to throw away on nothing.

see ya later ArmyTek!…

We’re trying to improve communication with our customers and now we have more opportunities for this.

These kinds of games will not fix your reputation which has been forged over many years and countless screwed customers.

Hi, can you send your name and e-mail in a private message? Thank you!

Thank you for your comment. Your opinion is important to us. We are trying to resolve the issue with our service. We also contacted the author of this thread: Horrible Experience with Armytek and hope to resolve this unpleasant situation.

Good day! Can you describe your case more specifically?

I have two. XHP50 Warm and Nichia. Both are wonderful and are my go-to lights for DIY/repair work and camping. But like others have siad their CS deserves the reputation. I had one tailcap fail on me. The glue debonded and the entire assembly fell apart when I removed it for cleaning. Since these don’t have any type of retaining ring it just fell to pieces. Easily repairable but when I reached out to AT asking what orientation each piece goes and if its OK to glue them back together (after explaining what happened) not only did they offer zero help what so ever but they blamed me for intentional disassembly. I like their products- more or less- but the price is a bit steep and the CS plain sucks.