Buy a light for each of your fathers and get a free headlight.

Id tell you they are both mothers, but that would just confuse things…

No wait … I have forefathers… and I only have one head.

soon it will be like supermarkets, must buy 6!

(awaiting a Tiara A1 Pro WW from HKE, too good a deal to pass up)

Did you get shipping confirmation yet?

Yes. I got confirmation. Shipped 2 days after order. Now waiting :slight_smile:

Shipping cost is outrageous.

agree, FREE is outrageous!

Pretty sure it was ~ 60$ when i last checkout. Now its free? hmmm that’s strange…but great to know :slight_smile:

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Date added: 07/01/2014New Wizard. New Opportunities.

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Nice light.

Regulated runtimes as quoted for the warm model. Exception is for Turbo (1120 I guess?) which is 20 minutes. Would love a review/output graph of turbo. Is that possible?

1120 lm (1h 30min), 465 lm (3h), 230 lm (7h), 47 lm (30h), 2.7 lm (18d)

New Wizard looks interesting!

Could be the light I need at work to replace the old UF-H3B, I got tired of the pwm and bluish cold white!

Need some info, please

Cold or Warm, can you specify kelvin temp. or ansi color bin for the two options?

Promotions and codes: does it partecipate the 15% professional discount? the new Wizard looks an evolution of previous Pro version, but it has no "Pro" name anymore, so...?

Will the BLF8 or CPF8 codes applies?

^ I second all his questions. I was surprised to see they offer free shipping too. That’s pretty good for a non-China based seller. Although it is “4-8 weeks”.

No! I just bought mine! In all seriousness what’s the difference? The lumen output? If that’s it then I’m perfectly happy with my wizard pro. Also it looks like this isn’t the new pro version anyway so it doesn’t have a moon light mode. Is a new wizard pro coming too? What are the differences other than the max output levels?

This being BLF, you best shutdown your computer now before you start comparing minute differences and start feeling relative deprivation.

The practical differences are probably forgivable under normal usage!


I agree. I’ve not honestly seen anything that makes me want to upgrade. I don’t care much about a few lumens per mode. This is a floody headlamp anyway, so I’d doubt if I’d even notice it.

This is supposed to be the "non-pro" version of the Wizard, cheaper and with less features than the Pro version.

There has been mixed feeling regarding Armytek's handling of bugs with the original Wizard Pro - largely around firmware updates promised about 12 months ago and as yet still not fulfilled. Deadlines have been continually pushed back while we are being told that resources have been directed to other models (such as this one and the new Tiara range.) In fairness, they did offer a firmware update that supposedly fixed the issues, but it was not the one they kept us believing would be released for over 8 months and then pulled for no apparent reason. Full details are available in ongoing threads at CPF and CPFmarketplace for those who really want the background.

The specs for this light, as listed on the Armytek website, look to contain a few inconsistencies.
For instance, if this is a 5-mode only light (whereas the Pro is 9 modes), why do we see 5 constant levels but also boxes ticked for Strobe, SOS, Beacon modes and Programmable Modes?

I'm pretty sure it is just a lack of attention to detail rather than an attempt to deliberately mislead but it's a bit sloppy nevertheless and makes it hard to decipher what is really offered. (The downloadable PDF has no mention of strobes or programmable options.)

Note also that Armytek apparently always quote LED lumens, not OTF so you need to assess any output claims with that in mind. Sure, some other companies do this too, but I know there are a percentage of users who frown on this practice.

I really hope that this new Wizard and the newly released Tiara range are up the Armytek quality of old as they have made some stellar lights in the past. I just feel that in recent times they seem to have been stretched too thin and made too many unfulfilled promises. It leaves me wondering where I'd be if it turns out there are problems with these or any of the newer models.

I had no idea they still had firmware issues. I just read a few threads over there. I knew they had some problems initially, but guess there were a few ongoing bugs. I’m on my second Armytek, because the first one began behaving strangely. Good thing is that IS (Illumination Supply) took care of me. Funny thing is it stopped acting up by the time it had reached IS, but they sent me a replacement anyway. I sort of feel bad and wish I had taken a video of it, but reading some of those threads makes me feel a little better. I really like the light, don’t get me wrong, but if you stuff that many things into one UI, there’s bound to be a few kinks to be worked out.

To be honest I don’t care so much about the lumen claims. Comparing it to other similar output lights showed me it was close, so that’s good enough. If I was modding something or was a lumen freak, it might be an issue. The Wizard Pro is plenty headlamp enough for me, although I wish Firefly 1 didn’t have visible PWM. Too bad they aren’t offering a fix for that.