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Summer is almost here. It’s time for warm evening bike rides, night hunting and hiking.
People will return to live communication and outdoor activities soon.
To make your preparation for active leisure more pleasant, we give a 15% discount on :exclamation:ALL​:exclamation: Armytek flashlights and accessories, including the new 2020 products and time-tested models.
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Hello! Light weight, reliable, long-range flashlight for searching operations. Additional accessories represented by weapon mounts and original remote switches are designed for comfortable usage of flashlight in different conditions. Here are the brief description of the lights.

P. s. there is a hidden promo code( with 30% discount) in the text.


Brightness up to 1150 OTF Lm.
Beam distance up to 775 m.
Up to 30 days of work with two batteries 18650 Li-Ion.

Barracuda Pro:

Brightness up to 1500 OTF Lm.
Beam distance up to 800 m.
Up to 500 days of work with two batteries 18650 Li-Ion.

I only got 871 lumens with my Barracuda Pro WW and Armytek is not responding to my RMA request.

Silly question: Are you sure the light was in the highest turbo mode? You can switch between Turbo 1 and Turbo 2, which makes a huge difference.

35$ USD to ship a 50$ CAD flashlight to Canada. From a supposedly canadian company. Nice try.
(as of now, 35$ usd = 50$ cad)

Thanks for the reminder! I spent so much time trying to figure out why I can’t change the turbo mode and then I realized Armytek mistakenly sent me the Barracuda Regular version not the Pro version :person_facepalming:

But with the Dobermann, it was set to Turbo 1 instead of Turbo 2, which is why my measurements were so low. I will recharge my batteries and retest it. Thanks for the tip!

One of the reasons I haven’t purchased anything since my Wizard Pro… Awesome headlamp by the way. Almost perfect. Just wish I would accept primary cells as a backup source.

Same here. I’m waiting for a better shipping price before placing my order. Anyone know how often items are shipped from the US warehouses and therefore the shipping price is $10?

I believe it used to be able run on CR123A cells, but no longer advertises that feature. I suspect that is due to the addition of onboard charging, to prevent users from attempting to charge primary batteries. I would not be at all surprised if the light actually runs fine on them, but I don’t know if anyone has tested it, which could risk damaging the light. If it does work without harm, you would certainly want to be careful not to habitually attach the charger.

We have prepared a small game for you.
You need to find out which model of the flashlight is in the photo.
The first person to write the correct answer will get a 35% promo code.

Good luck!

Is it a new blackout light?
Edit: if you don’t know what a military blackout light is then you’re probably not going to get the joke.

I don’t understand this joke

Wizard Pro Magnet - USB !

Blackout light - Wikipedia They are made for slow movement, about the speed of a bicycle. If you’ve ever driven in a military convoy with black out lights with a guy peeing off the back of the Jeep…nope if you have to explain it it’s not going to be funny.


I’ve been one of their biggest fans in the past and often posted about them. I bought about 40 Armytek lights mostly used for testing purposes. Recently I ordered the Barracuda Pro from them and they shipped me the Barracuda Non-Pro. Because they looked identical, I didn’t know I had the regular. I ran the test and found the output to be far below spec so I emailed them to report the defect hoping for an RMA.

I was speaking with Olivia Brown. In the beginning when they knew I bought so many of their lights, she said, You’re our VIP-client and I’m your personal manager! Once I reported problems, I get no replies from this “personal manager”. They ignored me for over 2 months after repeated emails. Then I mentioned I just found out the one Armytek sent me is the regular and not the Pro version and she finally answered and said I have the light for over 2 months so they’re not going to send me the Pro version I ordered.

WTF, Armytek. This is how you treat one of your best customers? I’m never going to buy another Armytek light and I warn anyone who intends to buy their light, if you have problems, ARMYTEK WILL IGNORE YOU.

Send this to the Armytek rep on here. If enough of us make a stink about it, they should do something. That really sucks.

Thanks. I’m not even mad because of being cheated one light but I’m pissed at the principle. After being a loyal fan supporting them, this is how they treat me back. If they can do that to me, they will definitely do that to their non “VIP-clients”.

So many things can get in the way of a transaction…absences, language barriers…I doubt it’s malice, just mismanagement. That’s what life has taught me. And there are two sides to every story. But damn, I feel for you. That tremendously sucks.

yea the CS suxxxx but until now they make the best headlamp with the nicest tint so I don’t really care :smiley: