Armytek Wizard Pro Nichia - Hidden mods (...)

There is something that is not on the user manual and other reviewers didn’t found it out :

- There is an extra group mod hidden on that light (my unit has it) > no strobes, no triple click. Moon mods still accessible, but only from OFF or as “last mod memorized”.

No double-click from off, only 1 click to last memory mod (included Turbo 2!)

To access Turbo (MAX only) you simply have to double-click from on, or, 1 click from OFF (as last mod used/memorized)

To access this hidden mod, you need to stay press ON from OFF and unscrew-screw immediately.
This is a good option, because turbo is much more easy to access from ON, and there is no 3 or 4 click option to disturb.

To get the 3 Mid level, simply press and hold at any time from ON. It cycles on the Mid level. It make the light having 2 sections only. With 3 moon mods accessible from off.

To return to full option, simply redo the same manipulation > from OFF, press and hold and immediately UNSCREW- RE-SCREW tail-cap.

Switching Multicolor State Indication remains the same manipulation BUT FROM default setting. It’s not a bug, it’s an hidden “good” option.

Armytek should edit their latest PDFs doc.

(I decide to kept this headlight because sending it back with lithium battery included is too troublesome from my location)