Arsenal Firearms AF2011-AF Double Barrel Pistol



I'll take two, one for each hand

some might think it impractical (ie for carry), but imo that's a vehicle and home defense weapon - if implemented well (decent accuracy, reliability) it has one huge benefit that I can think of - fire 1 teflon coated FMJ and 1 Hydrashock at the same time. game. over.

" The perfect companion when riding your BOSS HOSS"

"Good for making boyfriends at the range" LOL

How good is the anodizing? Also, is it forward clicky or reverse?

Heh…I’d have to say a forward clicky.

Super cool gun. John Woo would be proud

I once read a terminal ballistics study that was concerned w/ the effects of multiple projectiles.

Not surprisingly, two bullets striking simultaneously does significantly more damage than if they strike successively...

What is that going to cost? I better start saving.

Be still, my heart... Though one thing I like about a pistol is the ability to shoot with one hand - doesn't look like much of an option with this beast.

some people think that's part of the definition of a pistol.

I think you could fire it with one hand, but I doubt it would eject or feed very reliably that way.

Assuming any handgun at all were legal here I certainly don't have big enough hands to hold on to that thing.

I hope these aren't to expensive I have to get one.

What light(s) to mount on it?

Given the size of the thing I'd recommend a Surefire Hellfighter!


that light might cost more than the gun

I'd bet at least $2000 USD.

Might as well get a model 500.