Arsenal Firearms AF2011-AF Double Barrel Pistol

Dont like it at all ! , sorry , me thinks its *rap on a stick !

First, I am a 1911 freak/nutcase. When I did carry, it was always a 1911. With that said, this pistol is a novelty. Don't know how pratical it could be, it would buglesome to carry, but then again? Also, IMO, one could do more damage with 7 or 8 well place hits, then a lot of lead thrown.

I have had 7 inch 1911s made up by the late James Clark. All these were used in 2700 point pistol matches. The double barrel would have to find it niche. It already has beauty, but what practical use? Not a target weapon, IMO, not a good combat weapon either, because of size and surely not a sporting/hunting pistol. Collector's item, YES..

just my 2 cents..


IMO, the two bullets striking and leaving simultaneously, will be way less accuraute then bullets fired in succession. One of the reason would be two dentonations of firiings at one time, are sure to upset sight picture, and don't know what it would do to trigger control, all factors of accuracy. Whereas, successive shots can be deadly accurate. I shoot timed and rapid fire with a 1911 and can go clean, no way I could do it with something like this even if I could hold and squeeze correctly. Each barrel would not fire at the EXACT SAME TIME, AS A SINGLE BARREL would.

Just my 3 cents..


definitely a novelty.

so is the judge, and now the governor, though maybe not as much as this thing (ie, other weapons are almost always a better choice)

but...if that's how we decided to buy things, we'd all own maybe 4 or 5 flashlights ;)

you could find lots of reasons I don't need an AR-10T - but I own 2. wth am I gonna do with 2...(nothing, one is NIB for over a decade).

I like it because its different. Same reason I like the judge.

Why? Who cares! I imagine that would do some damage

it is also incredibly intimidating

obviously, any .45 is, but a thug gets one look at that and thinks this mf'r is CRAZY

I recall back in the early 70s, I was on my way to New York from Baltimore, Md. I wasn't driving, I was catching a cab in the wee hours of the morning. But, since I was going to New York, I was carrying my 1911. As I was standing ont the corner trying to get a cab, two mean looking dudes started walking toward me. I just walked to the other corner, they turned and came that way too. I pulled the 1911, just HALFWAY out the bag, they stopped, looked, and went the other way. Smile Thank heavens, that was the ONLY time the 1911 was ever even attempted to be drawn. In my sub-culture or you could say former profession I always carried.

yeah, I suppose by the time they realize it is actually a double barrel it is already too late ;)

I see a lot of Vertical Stringing.

Shoot Low Sheriff He Is Riding A Shetland