ashamed to admit that..

- was initially overwhelmed with build quality and then so underwhelmed with the light output on the UF-980L that i set it down somewhere and now am unable to find it. hopefully not at work, then its gone.

- still love the AA-S1. never get tired of giving them away and having people go "wow" when they turn them on for the first time. see nurses at work using ones i gave them months ago makes me swell with pride.

- of all my lights my XP-G S-MINI gets, far and away, the most use. because? no stupid blink stuff, useable low, dont have replace the battery for a long time and nice tint. ( like the company too)

- love two mode lights. the maratac tactical with a ok low and full out high gets used a lot, have two ultrafire RL-168 that are beautifully made, nice clip and big reflector ( for a AA) , and my new jetbeam BC40 with a low around 100 lumens (eyeball guess) and then BOOM high is making me giddy.

- was very impressed with the shipping times of one of the HK knife sites, until i realized i had just ordered from them, but was just receiving a forgotten order put in just about a month ago.

- find it strange men are worried about their wives finding out what they spend on anything. all the women i have ever been involved with could outspend me while sleeping. this is a CHEAP hobby.

All good points. I was one of the few that got a crappy AA-S1, so I don't share the love with that one as others do.

Good point on the two mode lights. I feel a lot of folks get "mode-happy" and want 4 or more levels, which is hard for me to understand when there's only a couple hundred lumen span. My nitecore EZ AA is two mode, and is one of my favorites.

I hope your 980L turns up!

I sure hope your 980L shows up too. That sucks. At least when I forget my light at work I am confident it will still be there when I get back just as long as I left it in my office. I forgot my MicroMag on my desk the other night and I was still anxious about finding it there when I got to work the next morning.

For the modes though, I disagree with Match (a very rare thing). Two is too little but 3-4 is just right to me. I want a balls out High mode of course but with only two modes you are then limited to a full high then either a low that is too bright for reading in bed or sneaking about the house or is too low for anything but sneaking around the house - no middle ground for most things I use my light for.

I want to see 100% high, then 40% medium, then a 5% low, and finally an ultra low of less than 1% for reading a map or reading in bed or just making my way around the house in the pitch black. 4 Modes is just about perfect for me (maybe a 5th mode for strobe as I'm one of the few who likes them). I do agree with Match that people who like a mode for every 10% of output is just silly. Just spring for an infinitely variable light or do a QTC mod.

i mostly want the 980L to show up because i shelled out 40+ for it, but honestly, it did nothing for me. maybe it was a weak sample but, though nicely made, i was not feeling the love. in newton we say "meh"