Aspherical Glass Lens


I need help. Can anybody tell me where i can get an aspherical glass lens for my Uniquefire UF-T20???
The original one falls down and i need a new one like the original. But from where???
I was looking by DX, Banggood, Kaidomain, Fasttech and others but found nothing.


if the head diameter is approx. 45 mm maybe this one fit in:

greets, bright

Thanks, but the diameter is 38mm-39mm.

Try kaidomain

Found them here for the UF lights….may contact them and see if they would ship less than the minimum posted on site.

Click HERE for the replacement lens for your light. The correct T20 lens is 38mm wide and 19.5mm high. Just be prepared to wait 2 months for it to arrive from DX.

Many thanks.

If the oroginal lens is not too badly scratched, would an o-ring sort it out? These should be easier and quicker to sort out than waiting for a new lens from China!


I ordered 14.07.2015 and the lens arrived on 24.07.2015. Absolutely perfect.
The lens fit great.


Glad I could help

I see I have the same one as N10.
It isn’t as good as the original, but it works. The focal length is not quite constant over the radius.