Assisted opening knife

I am looking for a budget assisted opening edc knife. I live in the US and have a concealed firearm/weapons permit if that matters?

Have a look at the Gerber Valletton

2.6' blade , Good deep carry pocket clip , and sturdy .

I've had mine for a year or so now and I convexed the edge and it stays sharp .

I have 2 assisted knives - one is a true budget knife from DX, sku 30886, which costs $6. I have bought a few for myself and friends, and most operate smoothly and lock well. Fun little knife, very much fits the edc role. Good looking, too. Not the best steel, so I don't expect the edge, or liner lock for that matter, to last a very long time.

The other is a SOG Twitch II. Bought this one as "new" for $24 on ebay. You can find them in Lowes for about $40. Not quite budget, and not extremely sturdy either - this design has some looseness in the pivot. Not a workhorse, but a nice, light edc with a hard AUS-8 blade and great pocket clip.

What's your price limit?

Interesting, that knife is listed as "manual-release" in the title on DX. Does this mean that there are more assisted opening knifes on DX and I just need to look through them one by one to find them?

Well im not really into knifes (yet) so I was thinking about dipping my toe in the water with an inexpensive knife. I would say less than 15, but if spending up to 30 is going to get a much better quality knife I would be willing to shell out the big bucks haha.

This little Gerber is only 20.99 and it's made in China. I don't have it, but theres a larger one also, for 30.99. If you get one of them, or anything else, please let us know what you think of it, or even write up a little review.

Kershaw's got some nice assisted opening knives in their budget Chinese line, namely the Nerve, Clash and OSO Sweet. You can also get a couple of discontinued CRKTs on the cheap that have assisted openings like the Koji Hara Ichi. The Meyerco A-OK knife can also be had under $10.

Other than that, a lot of the budget spring-assisted knives are going to be mostly interchangeable. You'll get some variation of 440A steel, maybe some "throw in" featuers like a glass breaker but nothing spectacular. Unfortunately none of the top-tier Chinese makers like SRM, Navy etc. make assisted blades in their own lineup right now.

cesnapilot, here's a list that will help:

SOG Flash 1

It was a gift from my buddy Norm and the SOG Assisted Technology makes it a very fun edc knife. I find myself playing with it like a switchblade all the time. It’s small (2.5” blade), has a pocket clip and also has a safety lock if you’re worried about it popping open in your pocket.

There are also different versions & colors of this knife:

Flash I - Aluminum Handle

Flash I - Aluminum Handle- Black TiNi

Flash I - Black TiNi

Flash I - Partially Serrated

Flash I - Pink Handle

Flash I - Straight edge

SOG Flash 1 great knife this is the one that i have.

If You`re looking for a single handed knife look for Bee or Sanrenmu ,they have good quality at a low price .

I have carried my Flash 1 ever since getting it. It is the perfect size to use in the office, rides low in the pocket, one handed opening and closing (spline against leg), and it is flat ground. Seems to hold a edge pretty well too. They can be found for 25-30.

The assisted part is neat, but I could live with out it. I don't think it really adds any speed to deployement vs. a smooth one hander. I have never had it pop open in my pocket, but I have always been cautious with my Kerchaw Chives as they seem to require a little less effort to open. Then the safety defeats the purpose.

I like it alot.

Wow, I'm going to have to go against the grain here and say that I dislike the Flash 1. I've had a Flash 1 develop unfixable blade play and SOG's customer service essentially told me they wouldn't fix it.

Kershaw's my go-to brand for assisted knives these days, but YMMV.

I found a deal on a basically new BM mini-ambush a while back with the rolling lock (similar to Axis). I have really been digging it. I like the shape, it functions great, and it is cheap enough to actually use. It is bigger than the Flash 1, but seems to be just big enough to get a solid grip. The blade length is just under 3", so it isn't considered a weapon around here. It probably isn't considered assisted, but the lock encourages the blade to open.

So what Kershaw would you recommend? I had one about 15+ years ago that I used during fishing and hunting trips but then lost it. It was a very well made knife but I loved the soft rubbery finger grooved grip the most. I wouldn't mind having another kershaw.

It may not fit your purpose, and I don't have one yet, but I really like the design of the Leek. Been looking for a deal on one for a while. The blade shape is just sexy IMO.

Budget Line: Volt II, OSO Sweet, Clash

Non-Budget Line: Chive, Scallion or Baby Boa (small), Leek, Needs Work, Packrat (medium), Whirlwhind, Blackout, Mini Cyclone (large), Cyclone (freaking huge)

That's just the knives I have experience with (either working with or owning). There are more assisted knives in Kershaw's line. The really nice thing is that regardless if you buy in the budget or premium line, Kershaw offers a lifetime warranty and their customer service is absolutely second to none. You can find the budget assisted stuff for ~$20 in the US.

My only Kershaw is a Mini Cyclone. It has an on/off switch for the assisted opening function. I paid $29 for it on eBay, and I like it a lot. If my Bee EL-01B ever shows up, I'll compare it to my Mini Cyclone and to my Sanrenmu knives. There are a lot of really attractive Kershaw assisted openers out there.

A co-worker was showing me his Kershaw OD-1 a few weeks ago. I was never a big fan of "assisted" openers, but that one really impressed me.