AstroLux A01 AAA Nichia 219B Review - Winner winner, chicken dinner. An excellent, Neutral tint High CRI LED keychain light!

I got a few of each (2-3pcs each kind) of the Astrolux A01 / CPF Italia A01 / BLF A01 copper during BG’s Christmas sale, which just arrived recently.

All of them definitely use the Nichia 219B LED (none of them used 219C).

But other than that similarity, there are differences:

1) driver:
The Astrolux A01 aluminum uses a non-Manker driver, and has PWM (tested using digital camera and also shining light through rotating fan blades of a small portable fan — PWM shows as some kind of pattern). I haven’t completely checked if it uses the dreaded NMM (Next-Mode-Memory).
(Nothing is labeled on the head)

The CPF Italia A01 aluminum uses the Manker driver (NoPWM). (“Manker” is labeled on the head)

The BLF A01 copper also use the Manker driver (NoPWM). (“Manker is labeled on the head)

2) tints:

Now this seems to be where they really differ. While all use Nichia 219B (supposed to be 90CRI — but I don’t know of a quick way to check 90CRI), the tints differ noticeably.

The Astrolux A01 aluminum ones have neutral white tint (almost similar to the Astrolux S41S, which also use Nichia 219B).

The CPF Italia A01 aluminum ones have slightly warmer white (is that called 4500K?), but has a slight yellowish tint.

The BLF A01 copper ones seem to be a tint lottery — there’s a neutral-white (almost similar or just slightly less warm than the Astrolux A01 aluminum), and there’s another that’s warm (with a very slight rosy tint), plus there’s one that has a noticeably rosy tint (is this called 4000K?)

Here’s a picture of them:

Again, I don’t have a way of measuring color temperature, so I’m guessing the neutral white is 5000K, while the rosy one is 4000K, and the warm white in between is 4500K?