Astrolux A01 - warranty policy?

I purchased the A01 from Banggood about 9 months ago. I’ve used it lightly since then and it hasn’t given me any problems until this past weekend. It absolutely refuses to turn on. The battery (an Eneloop) is charged, and I’ve never used 10440’s in it. I’ve cleaned the contacts, no luck. I even tried removing the pill and using a wire to completely bypass the body, no luck.

Of course I just tossed the packaging a couple weeks ago, so I don’t have any information regarding warranty. Granted, if I have to ship it back, the shipping costs would likely exceed the value of the light. Does anyone happen to have the warranty info? Or ideas on things to try? Thanks!

I just checked the paperwork that came with mine and it doesn’t say what the warranty is. It does have this contact information:

First Industrial Zone
Qishi Town, Dongguan
Guangdong, China 523499

Tel +86-769-23175147
It lists the same number as their fax number.


Great, thanks! I doubt I’ll get anywhere, but its worth asking about.

I recently discovered Paypal is offering a new feature. If you sign up for it (no charge) and you use Paypal for a purchase FROM A BANK ACCOUNT you can use them to request a return and they will pay for return shipping on up to 12 items per year. <yes, there is a maximum on large, heavy objects, but lights are certainly covered> Only problem for you is that it had to be activated at time of purchase so no help on this one…but maybe next time.

Good to know, thanks!

I don’t think it has a warranty. Unless it’s DOA

Wrong hobby if want want warranties, getting a DOA replaced is hard enough.