Astrolux FT02 and Banggood complaint!!

I bought two of these lights with a discount code. One I opened for the first time about 20 days ago. I put in a full cell and it operated properly. After a day or so, I opened the charge boot and discovered the female Micro-USB charge socket was missing. I filed a complaint with Banggood with pictures. They offered after many emails and hoop jumping to send me the socket to install myself. That’s simply unacceptable and I informed them of this. I asked for a replacement head be sent to me. Many days later I got this:

“After checking, we would like to kindly inform you that your order was delivered on 2019/2/4. And the item is out of 7 days DOA product guarantee. We can not confirm the problem caused by quality problem or incorrect usage. Thus we only could offer repair service, would you like to return it for repairing?”

I explained the shipping costs were prohibitive from the US to China and told them I would file a paypal claim if they did not resolve it to my satisfaction.
After 59 orders and a LOT of $$ spent with Banggood, it’s very disappointing to be treated this way.

Ok wut?

The USB port was completely missing?

How does that work?

Since the rest of the light is fine, I would try and request a half refund.

I dont know if it was ever in there. I didnt hear anything hit my garage floor when i opened it. I did look.
I really want a replacement head sent out. I only have one stationary charger to charge cells as long as 21700, no portable ones.

@wstrachan, request a replacement head then.

I would not be happy if a feature that was included in the light was defective.

I would be pissed in the light did not come with the advertised feature.

In your OP you stated that you purchased 2 of these units.
So just use the good one for trips, etc and use the other for home use where you have the stationary charger.

BangGood did not manufacture this flashlight and checking the shipment promptly upon delivery is all on the purchaser.
There has to be a time limit and you went well past that time frame.
Lesson learned.
Been there and done that myself but now check all items thoroughly and hope for the best.

Having purchased over 200 flashlights I have only had 2 genuinely defective ones.
Yes, some have had blemishes and what not but as far as performance the stuff works.

I did test both units when they arrived. I had charged cells so I did not plug in the charging system. However I should be able to expect a functioning light out of the box.

I strongly disagree with that. Banggood is responsible for the goods he sends. He has a profit on it. If he does not deliver a complete product, he should send a new head at his own expense. Their output check does not work properly. When I received a faulty FF66, the dealer immediately sent me a new one. This is an honest deal.

Paypal claim will take care of this, don’t waste your time with BG.
We’re speaking about a company which makes millions, don’t be shy to ask a full refund…

Apart from all this hassle that happened to the customer I actually wonder if he can be blamed for not checking if there’s a USB port underneath the rubber boot within 7 days. I totally understand that they can expect their customers to check their purchase for obvious damage. Now, the question is: What is obvious and what is concealed? I would not accept Banggood’s sorry excuses for a single minute.

I’m worried now if I should check all my lights with USB port if they actually have a USB port. :open_mouth: :smiley:

I agree that all companies have policies which outline a certain amount of time where claims will be honored. Most importantly though, it sounds like he made the original claim within the acceptable time period for DOA claims?? OP would have to confirm.

If indeed he did make his claim within the DOA acceptable limit and now BG is trying to state that because the issue wasn’t resolved prior to that time period expiring then that is extremely bad business practices.

If he did make his claim 7 days after the DOA claimable period then yes I hate to say it but there is a responsibility on the purchaser to inspect their products within a 30 day window. We here on BLF all understand that we’re not normal users, we’re going to have many flash lights and most are toys that could arrive new, get tested and become shelf queens. In those situations it’s highly likely something like the USB port doesn’t get tested in the initial inspection and is finally discovered well after purchase. That however is not the distributor or manufacturers fault. We also must remember we live in a world where people take advantage of the system just as frequently (or almost) as people with legitimate claims. Since micro USB ports were ever introduced the mfg always advised that they were never meant for charging and repeated use. I’ve had $5-700 phones where repeated plugging and unplugging under normal conditions pushed the micro usb port into the device and separated it from the circuit board. It’s definitely understandable that with this particular type of claim on an otherwise fully working device that BG would impose any deniability they have at their disposal.

Nevertheless, aside from the rant. File this with PP with documentation of BGs crappy responses and get your money back

Another question that just came into my mind: Is this actually a DOA (dead-on-arrival) case? The light works but lacks the USB port. Anyway, it is hairsplitting what BG is trying by referring to their 7-days DOA rule. The customer submitted multiple purchase orders that all went fine. He seems to be an honest guy, not being over-meticulous. What’s the big deal for BG to show some goodwill?

I always shoot the opening and basic functionality checks on the camera on the phone. Several times the shipment was incomplete. From Aliexpress, Gearbest etc. Not everyone checks if there is a USB port missing under the rubber cap. This should be resolved immediately by sending a new part.

I also have this flashlight.
Immediately after delivery, I contacted BG with the LED not centered and the hotspot containing artifacts. The lamp is of very low quality. There was no response from the seller.
Do not complain. I know that shopping in Chinese shops is a risk.
These traders cannot be trusted and rely on honesty.
BG is one of the better ones.
Although I recently bought a USB charger from them that caused a fire and damaged the installation in the apartment a few minutes after connecting to 230V. They continue to sell this life-threatening thing and have not published a review that describes this product.
For these traders, the one-time profit from the deal comes first. Decent behavior or responsibility is the last.
I know it and it depends on me whether I will take this risk.

Which charger was this?

It was BlitzWolf BW-S2.
I feel nothing wrong with this brand, I have other products from them and I am happy with them.
This was the first and also the last product to be at 230V. Next, I’ll buy their products, but not those that are on the mains voltage.

No warranty after 7 days?

I also have a number of BlitzWolf chargers and haven’t had any issues with them. It sounds like yours had some sort of defect. Hopefully it didn’t cause much damage to your place.

This happened when I was home.
The wall socket and terminal box in the wall have been damaged. They hit the 35A circuit breakers.

It’s good that I have more than one hundred lamps at home. It was dark outside, and it was suddenly in the apartment.

The cost of repair has come close to $ 1000.

Friends from our local forum that is about lamps also have chargers of this brand and have no problems.
It is clear that mine had a problem, but the problem is that the USB charger has a devastating effect on the power cables. That’s what I’m afraid of. Usb charger could die, but it shouldn’t destroy its surroundings.

They have a 7day dead in arrival clause but it wasn’t dead in arrival. It worked but I just didn’t try to charge it through the port. Banggood is trying to get out of replacing it. I asked for a head only, not a whole light. They are refusing and sticking to the 7 day rule. I filled a PayPal complaint and escaleted it to a claim.

This thread is about FT02 problems, right? :slight_smile:

I have bought 2 FT02’s for friends before and now finally got one for myself, a cool white one because I wanted to change the led anyway.

Yesterday I swapped the led for a 4000K one and noticed something that made me sigh: the pocket that is machined in the head for the ledboard to sit in was way off-center, like almost 2mm. The screw-holes for fixing the board are however in the correct position. So the ledboard was screwed in with one of the edges slightly over the side of the pocket, so it was just not flush with the shelf, airgap under the board! I already noticed that the output s#cked, got 1600 lumen out of the cool white stock led, and just 140 kcd throw.
So I sanded a mm off the side of the ledboard so that it now fits centered on the shelf and reflowed the 4000K led. I now get 1830 lumen and 153 kcd throw. So what should have been less performance made it better.

My conclusion: Astrolux is getting better and better with their designs, qua design quality I think the FT02 is a homerun, but the quality control shows that they are far from a high end manufacturer: to continue assembly to produce a crooked light when the workers find a major flaw in production is a very bad sign. It is a bit sad that when I receive an Astrolux flashlight (50 dollar!) that like in any crappy budget light before using it I need to disassemble it first to fix it.