Astrolux FT03 XHP50.2 Doesn't Turn On

Just received FT03 XHP50.2 from Banggood with Hly battery. Just inserted the battery into flashlight but the light didn’t turned on. Initially I thought that battery wasn’t charged to I plugged it via usb type a to c cable. When switched on the charger the light flashed two times and the switch showed full green which means that the battery is charged but then also the flashlight doesn’t turn on by press and holding the switch button. What should I do now? This is my first light and I am quite scared.

Did you peel off protective sticker from the battery?

Check the battery ! My battery was DoA. :open_mouth:

You had to record on video, unpacking the parcel and turning on the flashlight to prove to the Chinese that it was broken not your fault. But right now you can negotiate with Banggood, but you will most likely be asked to send the flashlight back at your expense.

Start a banggood dispute

Make a video of it

They will try to offer u banggood points or a partial refund

Decline and point out it is DOA

Be nice and polite, but only accept a full refund

You might have to start a paypal dispute

Count yrself LUCKY this happened, because if it died a few months down the road u would have no recourse

Why nomal consumer folks buy from astrolux (beyond the blf a6) i have no idea as there is no warranty

Yes i did but nothing happens

When the flashlight is plugged on charging then it works and when I remove charging then it doesn’t work at all.

I think its either your battery or the tail cap isn’t tight, or the body tube isn’t tight.
I just checked on my FT03 and it does the same thing if no battery is installed.
Without a battery in the tube, when the charger is plugged in , it will flash twice and the
button will glow , a kind of yellow green.
It might be worth checking that the driver ring is tight also.
Hope It helps.

if u have a multimeter check what volt the battery reads at ? or if u have another battery try that? it can work with 18650 also with the included plastic tube.

I don’t have a multimeter nor any other batteries to check. When i plug in charging then full green light glows and when i press the switch once while on charging then very low moon light glows and the switch turns red from green. How to check if driver ring is tight or not ?

Anyone please?

yes best option would be any other battery, u cant buy anywhere or just to rule out if its a battery problem or not ?

I suspect the included battery might be faulty, thats why try another battery 18650 or 26650 would be best but if u dont have any extras i dont know what to suggest :frowning: