✌ ASTROLUX K2 300lm Keychain USB-C Flashlight

Yesterday I received my second K2 in red body. I am disappointed from it. The UV and blue leds are very dimming to be useful because there is paint over them in the body plastic. I dont know is that pattern is the same for all K2 units or they differ. Also seems they used different firmware version. So far there is no present ramping bug. Also I think ramping speed on my red K2 is a little faster compared to white version. Also on my new red K2 version lowest level of SST20 led is significantly brighter compared to white version which is more like usefull moon mode.



Was reaching for my keys inside my jacket earlier today and noticed something loose….

Wow it actually broke inside my jacket for some reason… and no i didnt drop my keys or anything…. blah… what a joke it cant even withstand being in your jacket and it breaks ? i got another one so aint gonna bother send broken claim to banggood not even worth the trouble really dissapointed even for the price it just broke like that and i didnt do anything really… :person_facepalming:

so if u want use this on your keychain inside your jacket or pants be careful even there it isnt safe…. gues my spare copy will not really be used much.

This is unacceptable. I have feedback to them twice in April but i yet to receive any reply for this issue.

1x Purple

1x Clear

1x Blue


Sorry to know this! And I hope you can have some warrantee of that!
I guess these lights should be tested like these RovyVon Auroras by jojoselected :smiling_imp:

I got a full refund for my Clear K2 only took 6 or 7 Emails :+1:
which is normal when dealing with banggood after market service :wink:

I’m afraidof using my blue/star K3 now, better keep it in the box where its safe…

Reading some of the feedback once everybody received these lights makes me think I should stick with RovyVon Aurora….or XTAR T1. I’ve always wanted something in this form, but this Astrolux K2 doesn’t look like it went so well.

One clear one was on my GF’s keychain on a table which fell to the floor and also shattered. I didn’t take a picture just threw it away.

That sucks! Too bad the alternative is double the money. I guess you get what you pay for. Thanks for sharing. This really has steered me away from the K2.

Ther has to be a better way to change the battery.

Took me quite a while but I finally ordered three pieces, 2 transparent green GITD 4000K K2s and another in 6500K. Pity, they don’t come with a key ring.
Thanks freeme!

Will it break?

Man! This video has you pumped up until the point of seeing the shell cracked. Astrolux… If you are paying attention… Get this thing in a stronger shell!

Interested in 2 of these, is the coupon still available?

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new code please

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