Astrolux MF04 - can it hit 2416m? [4k UHD review]

The beauty of working with 4K is that you can zoom in without taking too big a hit on resolution.

Beam shots at several ranges…

Just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your reviews. I recognized the alleyway from your X80-GT review. You do a great job of answering any questions I might have about the light.

Thank You for showing all the videos. :beer:

Was that an Alien at the end ? LOL
I like the MF04 and MF02. I have the MT35 PLUS/MF04 and have tried it at 1600m or 1mile and it was visible. I don’t think it can reach 3460m you show at 17:48 on the video. It is on the operating table now for some upgrading.

Tbh I can only see it light things up with the naked eye up to 1200m, it lights up buildings beyond 2400m but probably not enough for an ANSI claim.

Cheers. I need a break from reviews for a bit now, the last two have really been time consuming. Also I got 10 times more views when I just took a light to the back garden and shone it at a tree.

That’s how it always is. Long reviews? People go “Meh. Skip it.” Short and sweet reviews? People totally have a spare minute.

I must admit I usually skip to the beamshots when someone is holding the light at a table for 15 mins.

By the way, in this video it was the neutral white one, right? I saw you had a link in the description and that 11,000 foot beamshot convinced me I want one while the price is still low.

Nice video, thanks! :THUMBS-UP:

The hotspot looks very green , is it cool white or warm white?

I got the Cool white version. Mainly for the laser beam effect.

Mobile user here. Hard to quickly navigate the video to find if this is in it. Curious if you measured the throw of the light with a lux meter and if so what candela/throw did you get? Or what timestamp in the video for me to go look at.

As a flood-whore I’ve never managed to measure the throw yet. I definitely need to start doing it.

Gotcha. Yeah was looking for real use numbers vs manufactured specs since they can be a bit exaggerated at times. Thanks!