Astrolux S1 5A emitter - green tinge?

I had posted this thread in the “18650” section, now I’m thinking I may get a better repsonse here?

I ordered the Astrolux S1 in the warm white, after already having receive the neutral white (3D tint).

The Neutral White has no hint of any colours to it, just a fairly neutral 5000k tint which works fine.
This 5A that has arrived, is definitely around 4000k but has a very distinct green tinge to it. Makes the greens seem much greener and the browns seem greener also.

Is this right? Or should I contact BangGood (where I purchased it from) in regards to this?
Problem is, on it’s own it’s not noticeable, but when compared to other flashlights that I use as “controls”, it shows up quite clearly whereas the neutral one looks fairly lacking in any sort of colour problems.

That’s Cree for you. Sounds “normal” in the sense that emitters aren’t perfectly made devices and have a range of spectrum where they can reside in each bin. Cree’s do have more greens in them generally, and some individual emitters are definitely worse than others.

In other words, you lost the “tint lottery”. You can always contact the seller if you want and maybe they’ll swap it for you and you can “play again”, but what you describe is pretty normal, unfortunately.

It wouldn’t be a big surprise to find out they were a B or C tint with a more likely greenish corona but emarkd is right in that any tint will have a range from close or overlapping the black body line to far from it. Pick something with a higher CRI for truer colors.

There is no option for a High CRI in the Astrolux S1 though?

Do they have a nichia version? If so get that. I didn’t get one, hard choices. :expressionless:

They don’t do a Nichia version unfortunately.

Maybe have 3tronics set one up for you, he’s UK. It’s a smart looking host. To be unhappy with the tint must grate. One of the reasons I mod is because so often no one has exactly what I want even though the pieces are all available.

Hmmm… I don’t think a Nichia 219C would be too happy on a ‘FET+1’ driver…
They’re rated 5 Watts or less (iirc)…

By the way, with Cree it’s usually the lack of red that makes it look green, even the A and D color bins (below the black line).

I’ve emailed 3tronics. Let’s see what we come up with :slight_smile:

Happy or hot? :smiling_imp: you’re probably right. 3-4A should still be ok for short bursts. For even higher CRI the 219B is better but you’d need to limit current to 2A even on DTP copper.

I’m getting James at 3Tronics to swap the emitter for the XPL HI emitter in 4000K, and powder coating both the 18650 and 18350 tubes in orange.
Looking forward to this :slight_smile: