Astrolux S1 burnning hot with Q30. Help?

Hi all,

I recently purchased Astrolux S1 from BG and Samsung 30Q 18650 batteries from GB. After a few seconds using them together the top of the flashlight gets so hot it actually impossible to touch it.

I used to have Astrolux S1 with TrustFire batteries and it did get a bit warm, but nothing like with the 30Q.

What’s wrong with it?

What is exactly “a few second” ?
If it’s a full minute, it’s normal… if it’s 5 second it’s not.
A FET driven light can pull all the current that a battery is able to provide… Your ShitFire is capable of maybe 3A, while your Samsung 30Q can fed 15A at least…
More current = lot more heat

Nothing wrong, you just bought a lot better battery than you had before…

And THIS BATTERY did exactly what you payed it for to do: delivering a lot of power (equals a lot of heat) to your S1.

Absolutely nothing wrong. If you read the BLF A6 threads you will see that the battery is what regulates the output. Your "Hi" before with TrustFire is not the same as "Hi" with a 30Q. As you undoubtedly noticed the light is much brighter. That leaves you with the choice of using a lower mode or a different battery to not reach that output at all. Personally I would say just use the lower levels until you need the Max for a short period.

Your light is working just fine.

I didn’t realize that my old batteries was garbage and there is such difference in the power output. Thanks guys :+1: