Astrolux Ti3A Nichia 219C 5000K Teardown & Mods

Yes, red thread locker.

I managed to loosen the bezel (not without scratches), but now I’m stuck with the reflector. I tried holding it with a vice, but I only ended up damaging the thread. This light is not easy to work on, bummer.

It’s a bugger :smiley:
I gripped the threads gently with rubber lined grips then heated the head and twisted the reflector out.
If it doesn’t come fairly easy then the glue isn’t soft/ heated enough.
Really need to be careful with the soft aluminium threads.

The bezel came off mine relatively easily after running it on high for few minutes but I couldn’t get any further. No matter though, turns out the lens (another one!) was the culprit for the green tint and a minus green filter (805) cleaned it right up :slight_smile: