ASUcell 3000 [ 18650 ] Posted the test for this cell ... on Jayki ...

The link is not working

Jayki is down - for a rebuild

Do you recall what they said about those cells? Good or Bad?

I've not tested one of these, though I have seen others that have, and if I remember correctly, these are much like Ultrafire 3000mAh cells,

There's an outside chance that you'll get a reasonably decent cell, but rather a high chance that you'll get any old cell with a colourful new wrap slapped over it. You'll not get 3000mAh capacity. Just how low a capacity you get will depend on what cell is under the wrapper.

I'll stick to the Trustfire Flames then. I have had good luck with them so far..Thanks

Bad - dangerous - keep away - look elsewhere for a 18650 , along those lines [ what I said ]

Confirmed - not good quality.