Attaching Convoy S2+ to the head

Might I sugest agin, a skul-gun for my head. 

Well I didn't go so far as to attach a flashlight to my skull, but I attached an S2+ to a hat and made a DIY headlamp.

Well, how to attach something to a hat without making holes in the hat? Many people use tail cap magnets to attach their flashlights to magnetic things. How about we use the same principle to attach it to the hat?

To attach it securely to the hat, we must use very strong magnets. I used these magnets that were salvaged from hard disks. These magnets have opposing poles on the same side, and so attach to each other very securely. One magnet is placed inside the cap, inside the sweat band, while another one is attached to the flashlight. The inside magnet is enclosed in a conforming 3D printed part, which gives it better support. The other part attaches to the flashlight by locking onto the tailcap. When the two parts attach together, the friction of the hat material sandwiched between the two magnets prevents the light from moving.

The magnet is very secure and does not fall off with vigorous head shaking, and does not wobble at all. I took this for a hike and it worked well. Although secure, it can easily be detached from the cap when not required. An issue is a small amount of glare from the dust being lit up coming into the eyes.

it;s going to be too heavy for a hat, imho
hat mount lights are usually plastic, or they have smaller batteries, or they have wires and the actual batteries are not on the hat


The only issue with weight is that you’d notice the light being there whenever turning your head due to the long moment arm of the light sticking out. It was totally fine for me on a 2 hour bush track hike at night. Of course the design may not be suitable for more extreme situations.

Otherwise, the hat actually spreads out the weight of the light over the head, unlike using elastic bands, making it quite comfortable.

I also find 18650 lights much too heavy for headlamp use.
That’s why I never use my 90° spark except in a breast pocket.

The glare from dust would be just as bad or worse with fog, rain,snow ect. It looks like this would put the bezel just slightly behind but also very close to the eyeball. So wearing glasses would probably be nearly impossible also due to reflections. So overall a headlight would be better most of the time. Headlights with many different types of hats are problematic. If you need a baseball hat to protect yourself from various insects or baseballs or to keep rain out of your eyes then there might be a time where this is better. I would consider trying to fix it to the top somehow. Although that presents other problems where you don’t have light down by your feet. In some environments that’s not critical. So I don’t think that I would ever use it but I still like it because it gives you one more option to carry a light hands-free.