ATTiny & Other Ebay AVR genuine?

I was ordered 10pcs of ATTiny13A-SU from ebay which cost only 5.60$ shipped.
I have few Tiny13A from friend who brought from digikey.
Digikey AVRs can clearly see laser engraving markings but on ebay avrs, markings very faint.

I suspect those non genuine ATMEL

Any difference in the laser markings other then being faint? Typefont or positioning. Markings on the bottom?

Digikey ATTiny13 is ATTiny13A-SSU. ebay one is ATTIny13A-SU (little larger package size)

type font looks same.
front, bottom markings location layout also same.

I found one chip dead. it can’t programmed. detecting wrong signature.

You could send an email to Atmel. Perhaps they can tell from the bottom markings. Codes may look right but not actually match a proper lot.

Bunnie has posted some interesting things on counterfeit chips & microSD.
Sparkfun had counterfeit atmel chips too. Both bunnie’s and sparkfun’s chips were not true clones tho / not functional chips.

Can the rest of these ebay chips be programed ok?
I’ve seen laser chip markings get harder to read / faint just from oils on my finger. Perhaps the air was really filthy wherever your ebay chips were packaged.

Thanks for the information

I tested 3 chips. one failed. other two works. one chip programmed 98% of its flash and works.
other one tested with Power down sleep mode. work without any issue. power draw as specified.

all remaining 7 chips passed signature test. (I use usbasp & khazama gui software)

for physical chip, I will post some photos soon.