Aurora C6 Extension Tube

I'm looking to extend an Aurora C6 to use it with 2x 18650 batteries. Anyone here familiar with this light and know of an extension tube or host that will work with this light?

Yes I've been there done that, you can get what you are looking for here; very fast shipping from Utah.

I've seen that link. I'm not about to give $20 + shipping for an extension on a flashlight that cost less than the extension. I'm looking for a budget option. Thanks anyway.

Yea I hear you, the parts are custom machined & anodized, I'm told that's why they cost what they cost and there not made in China. Would be nice if the Chinese would come out with them instead.

I would be fine with purchasing a host flashlight that had the parts to use as an extension. That way I'd at minimum have an extra switch, reflector and other spare parts for other projects.