Authorized XENO distributors/dealers wanted

Hello, Everyone.

XENO Co.(China), produces & exports LED Flashlights with a cutting edge design,the highest quality in CNC machine processing, . If you would like to be an authorized dealer or distributor in your country. Call me or send me an Email( Ur information should be verified in advance.

P.S.Our new website has been launched , Kindly check it!

I'm not a company, but I really hope you get more distributors. Your lights are very nice and it would be good to be able to buy them from more places.

Acquiring a light from a local dealer (in this case, also equals a distributor) has a few advantages:

+ faster and much more secure delivery

+ excellent fulfillment of warranty issues, if needed

+ personal contact (phone, ..)

The disadvantage is:

+ dealer's stock isnt as fresh as manufacturer's stock (well.. doesnt play a role with old torches, e.g. Fenix lol)

+ price is up to ~100% more expensive than if bought from a Hongkong webtailer like (standard pricing e.g. 27.10€ shipped vs. 51.70€ shipped)

I need to admit that i got my Xeno products directly from hkequipment *although* our country has several XENO distributors. Saving 100% is fun