Auto Headlights, Anybody tried these?

It might be okay if the front was shielded. I've seen a few posts asking about LED bulb replacements like these, but no reviews yet. Of course their lumen claim is chinarously exaggerated.

So coincident!

I ordered this set last month end, postman handed me this morning.

All lousy phone photos, my apology :stuck_out_tongue:

4 pieces of Cool White XM-L2, night shot below

Instruction shown install the front part onto the headlight first, then the unit follow, twist lock type.

connector & driver unit, doesn’t seems to be waterproof to me, I’ll dab some silicone later this weekend.
Yep, pretty thin wires :frowning:

Better view on the twist lock, well maybe not :expressionless:

Passive heatsink & O-ring seal

XM-L2 emitter vs Halogen bulb

another shot

Both installed, it does have Hi-Low beam.

I’ll try at clear road and get back again.


Night shot, some signboard lighting in front

Using phone camera, taken from driver seat

I not sure what happen to the beam pattern, the L & R seems uneven, I need to recheck the cone seating etc, but this is as close as I see.

Bucket empty?

Fixed the photo links for you. :slight_smile:

Thank you THE

It looks like it has artifacts in the beam pattern shown on the ground. Hopefully further adjustment will get rid of those.