Auto ramp to full after thermal protection ramps down

Hi I am looking for a driver which will ramp output down when it’s too hot but will ramp back up when it cools down. So I can set it to max and ride slowly up the hill (with some complete stops as well), it will gets hot and ramp down then as I start to descend it will automatically ramps back up as the air moving past it cools it down. One of the commercial bike light I have does this and it is very handy especially on undulating terrain so I don’t have to keep remembering to turn it back to full at the top of every hill. I am planning on building a helmet mounted light with a remote battery bank in a backpack (to keep the weight on the helmet down or it moves around too much).

So far I have a lot of different ideas but if any of you can recommend a driver which can do this type of thermal management I will be picking parts to suit the driver. If possible I would like to stay at higher voltages especially with the remote mounted battery.

I am quite new to this hobby (torches not the mountain biking) so far I have ordered a S2+ with a triple so I can play around with some different brightnesses and optics to work out how much power I really need and how wide a spot is suitable (And cos it’s going to be lit).

PARTS for the triple:
Carclo Lens - 3-UP Frosted Medium Spot
FET + 7135 Driver - 17mm - MTN-17DDm with spring bypass
Copper Triple Spacer for Convoy S2
Nichia NVSW319AT D440 5000K 70+ CRI LEDs on 20mm 3XP Copper Noctigon + Pre-Bridged
Sony 18650 VTC5A

I was a bit concerned that the switch may not handle the current but after much forum scrolling I could not find evidence of instant catastrophic failure. If you can see anything glaringly obvious wrong with my triple please do point it out as you may save me from having to replace parts.

Currently I have a DUO and a single They are pretty good the duo auto ramps while the single stays on full all the time. However the single is a bit narrow so when you are cornering there is a dark gap between the bar mounted duo and the helmet mounted single. Also the single could do with being a bit brighter.