[Available again! - BLF special edition light] new Sofirn AAA twisty high CRI 5mm LED

I wonder if that is just silicone caulk. I found out myself that silicone caulk won’t cure if it can’t get exposure to air (or moisture actually) because that’s how it’s activated.

One way to find out. Djozz, can you leave just a bit of the silicone caulk outside and see does it cure. If not, Sofirn is using the wrong potting material. If it does, they are assembling it way too soon, need time for it to cure first.

^ I don’t know what it is, white sticky toffee comes closest.

Btw, Barry replied to my objection to using the clip of my samples as standard clip for the C01:
“The sample is from 1st round, we are sure the clip issue is resolved since it’s easy to figure out.”
A bit mysterious answer but it will have to do :slight_smile:

Silicone caulk wouldn’t work at all, because the potting compound on this style of light is injected through a hole in the driver PCB after the head has been assembled, so the silicone caulk would never cure.

It’s not really practical to put any kind of potting compound on before assembling the head, because you’d be almost guaranteed to get some on the visible part of the LED package, which would look bad and mess up the beam profile.

A two-part potting compound (resin + hardener, mix just before use) really is the best option for this sort of work.

/\ … +1 . . :+1:

I can not test the magnet hole because it is a fraction too small for a 5mm magnet, but I did check the trit hole lasat night. I reckoned that to get more light out, the inside of the hole should be bare aluminium instead of black ano, so I removed the anodisation there with caustic soda. I’m not 100% convinced about the result, you can probably see the trit a bit better, but when not in the dark, it probably looks better if the trit hole is black.

About the video, I removed a section of 2 minutes in which I was removing bubbles in the glue with a toothpick, in order to crop the video to within 15 minutes, otherwise I have to surrender my phone number to google.

The result is ok but not great, I’m clearly not a trit expert. I see that I could have cleaned out the hole better, and remove more bubbles (should have waited for them to float to the top longer).But it works fine :slight_smile:

What size trit did you use?

the smallest size, 1.5 x 6mm. The hole is quite spacy for that trit, should i ask Sofirn to make it a bit smaller? Or is that not important at all?

Yes. Please make it smaller. To fit the general 1,5 X 6.

Yes, please

Thanks for the work and sharing it; yes, I prefer the tightest hole possible.


Smaller hole please. That is huge

I’m guessing the width is based on the cutter size they want to use for the full tail, but it looks like they can at least shorten the slot without having to do a tool change.

I don’t think I’m going to splurge on trits for any of mine, but I might melt some glow in the dark material into the tail.

Interested in 2 of the 5600k

Any runtime tests done or see how low a cell can be and have the light still fire?

After seeing the beamshots i would like to change from one of each lights to 2 of the 5600K versions? (more usefull to me)

Totally forgot about that one, it is one of the key requirements of this light. I just put a weak alkaline in the 5600K C01 and switched it on. (tested “weak” on my simple battery tester and was at 1.19V). It puts out 3.0 lumen currently (was 7 with full battery). Let’s see how empty we can get it :slight_smile:

That’s a point - how does it do with NiMH cells?

Please update my request to 2 of each of each CCT, thanks!