[Available again! - BLF special edition light] new Sofirn AAA twisty high CRI 5mm LED

The interest list is still under 1000, and there will be 2000 made with Yuji leds, so they will not be directly sold out.
And if you do not neccessarily care for high CRI, if this light sells out quickly, no doubt Sofirn will make a low CRI version (with more light and narrower beam) at some point.

1 x 3200K red please

I have just asked to Sofirn if will be possible to buy the (single) driver of the new C01.

I see a lot of interest in this small keychain, Yuji LEDs are very much to blame. Recently I bought some Yuji Leds in Mountain Electronics but they are already sold out.

So any idea what the plans are after the Yuji run?

Djozz, did you do a spectrometer test on these? Sorry if I missed it.

I have the E01vn with the 3200k Yuji and I like the tint on the SST-20 3000k 95CRI much better. So I just want to see how it compares. Wondering if Sofirn can offer a more expensive version with the SST-20.

That would be a different flashlight. The C01 uses 5mm DIP leds and that makes the construction very simple and robust. Using SMD leds requires a construction with lens, optic, ledboard, shelf etc., it may be that Sofirn makes a AAA twisty like that but it will not be a C01 but a new flashlight type.

I probably have posted spectrometer results somewhere in this thread, but I did them again for you.
Here’s a comparison between 3000K SST-20 (spot from Carclo 10507 TIR) and the Yuji 3200K (from C01, in fact an aspheric beam). So because of different optic not 1:1 comparable but it is how both leds are often used in real life. There is not a huge difference apart from that the SST-20 is clearly warmer tinted, I see no tint parameters which are known to displease people, I expect both to be as good as indistinguishable from an incandescent lightsource.
The Yuji leds are always dim of course, that can have an influence on the experience too.

C01 with Yuji 3200K 95 CRI led:

E2L with 10507 optic and SST-20-W 3000K 95CRI leds:

how is the list ever gonna be made and be accurate from 49 pages ? it will take hours to get everyone logged and taken care of wont it? seems like its gonna be a huge task . :frowning:

That’s pretty much how BLF group buys go, and somehow it still works. The list is maintained in Post 287 and is up to date through last week.

Also, it’s been suggested that in this particular case (probably because the light is cheap and getting a lot of interest) the list probably won’t be used for direct online purchasing and might not matter very much at this point. Rather, the list is to gauge interest, and we might get a coupon code or something to make the purchase on Aliexpress where it’s already listed (as unavailable for now).

The list is here:

I’m not an expert in automation but I think it should be possible to generate a PM to all people on the list with the how-to-purchase information.

Thanks Djozz. Wow I’m surprised the Yuji in the C01 has a DUV of -.0037 making it even rosier than the SST-20. Im guessing it’s a different batch of Yuji emitter or the glass making the C01 so much rosier than the Yuji in the E01vn. Comparing the Yuji in my E01vn to other 3000k lights, I’m sure it has a positive DUV because it appears noticeably more yellow.

Now I’m interested in this. Please put me down for 3! Thanks.

I’d like to update my list preference from 1 light to 2. So 2 lights total. Thanks!

@SKV89, you may have been unlucky with your particular Yuji led. I have six of these leds in a nightlight, very low driven btw, that may have an influence, but there is some tint variation among them. Here’s a picture, the tints are not reproduced very accurately but you can see that not all tints are the same.

There is no glass in the C01 btw

Makes me nervous to see 7 orders on the page, and “Sorry, this item is no longer available!” Someone please reassure me…

I see a lot of new posts and quantity updates. Looks like I’d better get the list updated tonight! :partying_face:

There’s also tests here by staticx57 of both color temperatures, in 45 degree versions, presumably from a different batch, although he didn’t report DUV or provide a chromaticity diagram.

Please add 2pcs red 3200k and 2pcs blue 5600k. Thanks…:slight_smile:

I am interested for:

2x 3200k Blue
2x 5600k Red

Please add me to the list:
Black 3200
Black 5600


I'll purchase (1) of the 3200K, please.