[Available again! - BLF special edition light] new Sofirn AAA twisty high CRI 5mm LED

The colours are the same red and blue that Sofirn uses in other flashlights. But to know how they really look is almost impossible from pictures, they differ depending on who took the pictures with what camera, and what monitor you watch them on. And no camera will get them exactly how they look in real life.

That said, this picture I found of the Sofirn SP10B gives the blue pretty accurately on my (HP 1740 on standard settings) monitor, the red SP10B is not correct, a bit too cherry in this picture, the actual colour is closest to the top part of the red S2+ in the same picture (the bottom part has more yellow from light reflection from the wooden floor, this is absent in the “Sofirn red”.

If Sofirn does their own Sofirn colours as announced, you are not getting more accuracy than this, also not when actual colour samples of the C01 arrive (which will not be this or next week from what I gather).

I would like 1 black, 5600 K.

OK I have ordered my trits and magnets. Hope this works out…

I hope too, the magnet size for this light is not yet tested in practice, I ordered some of the right size at Fasttech many weeks ago but they have not arrived yet. Still think it should work.

Sofirn C01 in black (tint option: 3200K / 5600K) is already posted in AliExpress store at $7.99


copy & pasting the product description:

I wonder when the red & blue will be available, also wonder if it’s the same “message the store, mention your BLF ID” to get the BLF group buy price…

Guys! Guys! Guys! C01 is available in our aliexpress store! click me

The process is the same as Sofirn Q8, order but don’t pay, left your BLF ID, wait and refresh to check price is $6.5, then pay the order.

Note: the first batch quanty is 300pcs Black C01, the rest will be made soon.

Hi Tracy or Barry !?

order placed as proposed …

1x 3200K
1x 5600K


now wating for the colored !!

by the way … do we get tracking ?

Thanks :wink:

edit … something seems to went wrong … can’t pay via Paypal ! As described I aborted the payment and sent you my BLF name… You edited the price correctly … but now Ali asks for my credit card i don’t have. I see actually no way to pay through the “Alisystem” !!

Great, order placed! Now waiting for the price to refresh.

edit: that didn’t take long, paid

Order placed (1x5600K & 1x3200K) :smiley:

Also waiting for the price to be updated :wink:
Thanks Sofirn and, again, djozz & Barry & iamlucky13 :THUMBS-UP:

How long do we have time to order?

Nope looks I have payed

Has sb. a proper description to do this?

Great News :THUMBS-UP:

I also have the Lights in the Shopping cart. But I´m not sure:
Is there the possibility to pay with PayPal?
And I´m not sure about the shipping, I´ver never ordered on AliExpress :blush:

Where do you put the blf id? Is that my username?

Just go to checkout and click the paypal button

You need to submit your order but don’t pay for it. They will adjust the price once they have an order ID.

Well, it’s not working for me : placed an order, was told the price was changed, refreshed my order but price didn’t change and when I tried to pay, paypal wasn’t an option anymore.
I then checked my “order page” with 3 web browsers, price was still 7.02$.

I think I messed up and paid for the order before the price changed. Should I just cancel and replace the order?

Alright, I'll wait and see what happens.

I would guess that it's either that, or the user number that is in the URL when you view your profile.

It’s about 10:30 PM in the night, please don’t worry if price not refresh in short time. 11.11 day is a very busy day…… :TIRED:

Add C01 to your shopping cart, then open your shopping cart and click “buy from this seller”, on this next page you can leave a message >> this is where you can write your BLF name.

Then click “confirm and pay” but don’t pay, it’s the step for having an order ID that you will pay for, once Sofirn has changed the price.

When I clicked "Confirm and Pay" it went through immediately, and somehow also placed two orders for the exact same thing. I already canceled one of the duplicate orders.

edit: they were both at full price

Can’t wait for mine to arrive. I’ve wanted a low output, long runtime, high cri keychain light for a while now and this is perfect. How long do we have to use our groupbuy discount?

Does someone leaving in europe can tell/confirm me that there is a way to pay directly in euros with aliexpress like with banggood, preferably with paypal once the price has been changed by sofirm ?
Do you need to place the order in euros first ?

The dollars to euros conversion rate + fees of my credit cart are killing the deal.

EDIT : I was finally able to paid with my credit card in euros : € 11,62 for 2 units.