[Available again! - BLF special edition light] new Sofirn AAA twisty high CRI 5mm LED

Yuji apparently makes other LEDs. Here’s a maniacal guy showing a great big Yji emitter:

Here’s a variety of sizes and shapes

EDIT ah, here’s what I was thinking of:


Whew! List is updated. That was a lot of new interest! We’re over 1000 lights now!

I slightly changed the format of the list to make it easier to read.

As before, note that I am not tracking anodizing color preferences, but you are welcome to specify desired colors in your post in case Sofirn checks the thread to help themselves decide how many of each to make.

Shortcut to the current list

The above changes are included in the update. Thanks!

Nope, not too late. Just in case Sofirn is checking the list before adjusting prices, I’ve added you for 1 and can update if requested.

Actually already had you at post 297 for 2 x 3200K and 1 x 5600K.

Also go you at post 1323.

I’ve added you to the list in case it is still possible for you to get a discount.

Also added you. Not sure if you realized you hadn’t joined the list yet. Enjoy the lights jon!

You are now. :wink:

Thanks to all…! :THUMBS-UP:

Thank you! I ordered one, paid by paypal, no problem. I paid $7.82 for one…(I dont care)

Same here. $)

As far as I know the driver/led cavities are potted.

When I confronted Barry with the gooey in my samples a few weeks ago, he was first quite shocked, then he went talking with the Sofirn engineers, then he assured that it was a very slow curing stuff that may take months to cure, then I showed a lot of doubt about that and suggested to look at two-component solutions, then he talked again with the engineers, then he told me not to worry and that the potting would be alright and that was the last I heard about the subject.

In the meantime, the gooey in my samples seemed to be hardened a bit more but still far from fully cured, and I do not know if they put the same stuff in the production lights and if it really will be hard and functional eventually.

In the meantime II, my and Sofirns torture tests of the sample lights have shown that even without functional potting the C01 can withstand quite extreme abuse while still staying fully functional.

That’s all I know about the status of the potting of the C01

OK Folks, HERE is the trick to the BLF pricing ….

Put items in your cart
Select ‘’View cart’
Select ‘buy from this seller’
Enter BLF ID in the message to seller box
Choose Paypal
At Paypal login, do* NOT log in - bottom left of page … click ‘cancel and return to merchant’

THIS triggers an order ID# to Sofirn, which will lead to your price adjustment

The frosting they put in there instead of potting is putting me off a bit.

Can anyone tell me what page in this thread shows runtime results please?

Probably I missed.
Can you share a link with a magnet and a tritium that fits?

whats frosting?

Have them my credit card. What should I be worried about?

My term for the non-hardening gooey stuff that they put in the heads of these lights. Frosting. Looks like it’s vanilla.


my google fu is strong!
I will tell you my secret
I search thread for keyword runtime and viola, there you are

See this post by djozz: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/51879/1189

Nothing worst than with any website outside of china. Your payment is encrypted like anywhere else with https.
I made hundreds of “cyber” payments before paypal exists and never had a problem. I’m never using “the one click” payment or equivalent that save the credit cart number and info on the website (ebay, amazon, aliexpress, etc).

It was not a complete runtime test but one that started with an almost empty battery to check the ‘vampire draw quality’ of the light.
An actual runtime test starting with full battery was never done but a very likely runtime number can be predicted when you know that the current is supposed to be set at 25mA. You get more than 40 hours out of an alkaline battery then. Maybe someone can do a review with an actual runtime test. Or maybe I will do it one of these days :slight_smile:

Many people buy trits at Mixglo.com, you need the smallest type 6mmx1.5mm.
I have ordered some 5mm diameter x 3mm thickness neodymium magnets at Fasttech many weeks ago but I must say they are slow to arrive. Another test that is not actually done (will the C01 succesfully stick to a vertical metal surface with such magnet)

Thanks. Feel better my first order from aliexpress.

When I follow the instructions, add comment with my BLF ID, go to PayPal and then “cancel and return,” it cleared out my my shopping cart.


Thanks for the info djozz!