[Available again! - BLF special edition light] new Sofirn AAA twisty high CRI 5mm LED

that would be a different light :slight_smile:
available from Olight

Haha! I wondered from the first picture if djozz might have been “de-doming” a 5mm emitter for some reason.

Sorry to hear the first one didn’t survive. Looks like you got more than just the bond wires.

Yes, they work basically the same. However, Yuji specializes entirely in high CRI phosphors.

They also use violet LED’s in some of their products (VTC series), which extends improvements in color rendering to the deep blues and purple range, but reduces efficiency and results in a higher forward voltage. Extension into the violet range is less critical than extension into the red range for viewing skin tones and wood, but can still be important for viewing artwork, for example.

By the way, I’ve generally understood “straw hat” to refer specifically to LED’s with an inverted or dimpled dome, like some straw hats have (example), which provides a very wide beam.

Ya I have the i3t but something like that with high CRI and nice warm tint 3200/4000 would even if the high was around 50-100 lumens. I guess the one thing like that is the reylight, but I’m waiting to see if a new version of the pineapple gets made. I really like lights that can clip to hats. I do have a couple C01’s because they seem cool, especially the warm one, but it’d be nice if they were brighter or two modes.

Thanks for the explanation!

And, of course, you are correct. I had heard that, and somewhere seen “strawhat” applied to the Yujis, so I assumed it applied to all the old-school non-SMT LED packaging, but it doesn’t.

Again, thanks.

SfGiants4000 have a look at the soon to be released creation from Clemence (Link to info; Link to Prototype), it might be the light you're looking for. Its a customized JETBeam Jet-µ with a huge selection of high CRI emitters.

Mine arrived as well, 2x3200K & 2x5600K. Nice build quality and smooth threads.

Not a great fan of the very small hotspot which looks like a speckle. It’s more visible in the cool white version.

Big tint difference in the 3200K ones I got:

Both slowtechstef and I, it was my second C01 order so a bit later than the first 2, got C01’s with a terrible clip, thinner than from the first order and it bends away without springing into shape again like a clip (even on my cheapest $0.10 ballpoint) normally does. This clip is complete garbage. I think it is a big flaw and can not imagine that it went unnoticed when Sofirn ordered them/ assembled the flashlights.

I sent Barry an email telling Sofirn exactly this.

If you can do this with a clip like it is a ordinary piece of iron wire, it is useless as a clip:

My is really quite strong and springy. I mean really strong. It’s from the first batch, I ordered minutes after they appeared on aliexpress.
The only downside is that it’s painted and this finish is never durable enough so I’ll probably remove the paint completely.
Too bad if they changed clip to a crappy one.

It’s always the subcontractor’s fault. Can’t watch’em carefully enough.

Thanks for the excellent data, as always.

I haven’t seen a hotspot in the handful of uninstalled Yuji’s I have, so I think the spots multiple users have documented are due to the “reflector” that isn’t really intended as such. When I get mine, I might try painting the reflector on one white to see if that smooths it out.

I’m also surprised to see how much difference there is between your 3200K samples. Comparing your chromaticity diagram to the datasheet, the rosier one should be well-inside the F8-1 tint bin, but the other one might actually fall in the F5-1 bin.

Regardless, every Yuji I’ve seen, from a couple different batches, has looked great, so this doesn’t ultimately affect my eagerness for the C01.

Very cool! I would love to try an Optisolis or E21A light in a couple different color temperatures.

Same here, I would not mind as a Christmas gift a set of Clemence’s Jetbeam mods with all available Optisolis colour temps.

just got mine in today. 5600k is a really nice color. it came in a cute tiny box lol.

So where to buy a magnet and tritium insert for the rear?

I’m really digging the warm Yuji now in the evening. It brings out the orange in a pair of Fiskars scissors perfectly. Almost as nice as a Viltrox LED panel.

Continuing off-topic, if I can be forgiven for doing so for a moment, I’ve got an even more exotic idea, although definitely beyond the scope of what Clemence is doing: a two channel quad with tint-ramping between 2700K and 5600K or so.

Presumably the driver could be similar to the BLF lantern, but as a floody flashlight or headlamp. Something D4-like (probably 7135 based, not FET) would be awesome. If a cluster arrangement like the VR16SP4 could work to enable something closer to the Olight S1 in size, even better.

Ok, sorry for fantasizing for a bit. Back to the C01 - I’m still hoping the color versions show up soon.

thanks for the spectral info
great to see that the 5600k has such high R9
I also love the Warm Yuji, when my brain is white balanced to the Incandescent light in my house.

I think you might be right that the hotspot is caused by shiny reflector cone. I suggest you make it Flat Black, not white. Maybe sandpaper would reduce the reflectivity of the silver cone. I am not suggesting sanding the LED dome.

I tried a test, using black electrical tape, and it did reduce the hotspot.
But not completely, maybe because the tape did not block all the shiny cone at the bottom of the reflector, around the led itself. Or because the tape itself is shiny…

result, inconclusive, but suggests that blacking out the reflector cone may be a good idea.

I managed to remove black paint from the clip. I think it actually looks much better with bare steel.

How did you remove the paint?

Soo… I started off with my nail but then switched off to Spyderco Tri-angle safety guard :wink: - essentially just a brass rod not to scratch the finish. After most of it was gone I just finished off tricky spots with chisel tool from my multitool.
I’d say it’s max 10 min work. Paint is barely holding on it (it’s nicely polished steel underneath).

BLF GT nano edition :wink:

So regarding the Sofirn C01 pocket clips:
Prototype: clip not good, breaks.
First production batch: clip is good, strong.
Second production batch: clip is not good, bends.

Like you already said, chabuduo

Yep. I showed him this thread, and then we had this conversation:
He: “OMG dad! Your profile picture with that small keychain thingy, is … well … not good.”
Me: “But I want to make a statement.”
He: “Here, wait, I will draw you a new picture.”
New generation, digital native.

Quality, not quantity, that is what this light is about.
For more quantity&quality, look for a 4000K SST-20 LED flashlight, google Emisar D4.
Or just order any flashlight that is improved by Virence.

Good to have you on board with the C01 :slight_smile:
And thanks for your measurements, especially for the combined 3200K+5600K chart, that one specifically means a lot to me. :partying_face:
You are a fantastic asset for the flashaholic community.

I have received all my 5 lights from the interest list now: of my 4 3200K C01, 3 are above BBL and only 1 is rosy tinted.
So tint lottery is a trait the Sofirn C01s share with the Zebralights :person_facepalming:

I do agree with iamlucky13 here, even my C01s with above BBL Yuji are still great in actual use.
And miles ahead in light quality of any other 5mm LED flashlight that is commercially available right now.

Great idea! You identified a trend which will become available in commercial flashlights in due time. There is a Japanese brand of lanterns that already does exactly this (can not remember name right now). You already see it in other domains: IKEA is selling cheap LED lights for fixed armatures that can change to a warmer CCT when dimmed down.