[Available again! - BLF special edition light] new Sofirn AAA twisty high CRI 5mm LED

Hurray for more C01!

I’d probably order more if there were a host available, but as is, I still need at least a couple to swap 2300K’s into.


Thoughts on the poor beam pattern of the 5mm Red…

After using the C01R for a couple of weeks, I understand what many others have mentioned: with completely dark-adjusted eyes, the Low of the C01R is still quite bright. The High seems like it could do some serious damage with fully wide open pupils.

Since Sofirn has committed to another batch of the (relatively) high-powered C01R, I wonder if they’d consider salvaging the 5mm Red as a one-mode sub-lumen light and include a diffuser with each. Then, the beam pattern wouldn’t matter at all - even more so if they can find a pebbled optic, too. With this kind of change the C01 5mm Red and C01R wouldn’t compete with each other for sales, either. The niche here is not as a novelty toy, but seriously targeting the astrophotography groups that want an extremely low light that won’t singe your eyeballs if you accidentally look directly at it.


This is great news! C01 might be favorite light of all time. Am looking forward to being able to gift more of these

I’ll be wanting 3 of these - 2x 95CRI and 1x deep red.

Will these Sophia LEDs also be available to buy separately?

Sophia 5mm and 3mm 90CRI are available at Rgwn WTS 2300K-5800K post

That being said i will need a bunch of these to install all Rgwn's 5mm :)

Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for.

BTW, the NW/CW Yuji is still offered. I’d like to see more of those lights, too. They’re better than the Sophia 5800K LEDs, which look green in contrast to the 5600K Yuji.





I’m thinking of getting some of those, too.

Great news!

I updated the opening post with links to the Sofirn website and AliExpress store.

Available in AE store only while on website it's still on hold...

Did Sofirn stop potting after the first C01 run?

Very happy to see the great variety of LEDs and modes these aaa hosts are being offered with.


I hope in some future run Sofirn will offer a Copper and Titanium version of the host.

The Sofirn C01S (SST20 version) was never potted. As far as I know the C01 (5mm LED) has always been potted and still is in this 2020 re-release.

The Sofirn C01 is the only potted flashlight currently commercially available for less than 10 US dollar. Previously in this market segment we had the Fenix E01, and PFlexPro as cheap potted flashlights, but these options are no longer available.

As I understood, Sofirn will not pot this batch, they claim that the C01 is robust enough without potting. I tend to agree (did a convincing abuse test on an unpotted C01) but must admit I’m not part of the “potting crowd”.

The lack of potting does enable easy led swapping, so you loose some, you win some.

I see the most likely point of failure of the C01 not in parts coming loose in the driver by heavy impacts, but in the poorly executed contact area on the outside of the driver, that electrically connects the battery tube with the driver : the tracing is too thin and it does not extend to the very edge, so it will wear away over time in heavy use.

Why isn’t it available from Sofirns website?

that is also what I read back in May

I was just wondering if that changed, since slowtechstef mentioned potting, this week, I thought he had new info.

There were other things Barry said in May, that are now not happening… the host version… I dont mind. I also dont mind no potting.

Potting is getting more relevant the larger a light gets, large components, expecially big inductors can break off on impact. The C01 has tiny components soldered flat on the driver board, the inductor is even for this size light very tiny, the only large component is the led, but that is soldered through-hole, so that is as robust as it gets. I do not see things breaking even in an extreme impact event.

@Sofirn, will the C01 be available somwhere I can pay with PayPal? Can’t buy from AE since I have no credit card and AE has no IBAN for direct bank transfer.

Aliexpress accepts PayPal (with a small fee). If you don’t want to pay that fee there’s also giropay.

Giropay doesn’t work with my bank, and PP depends on the seller. Sofirn obviously doesn’t allow this.

Yes I did. Thank you. I only fear they sell the whole batches through AE.