[Available again! - BLF special edition light] new Sofirn AAA twisty high CRI 5mm LED

that would make a fun camp marker… :beer:

Nice mod, dk21291! :+1:

I found several listings for RGB cycling 5mm LEDs on Amazon.

Here’s one to get started.

The listing specifies 3 to 3.2 Vf. This page says the Yuji 5mm LEDs from the first run C01 are 2.7 to 3.1 Vf. A quick search indicates the Sophia 5mm LEDs from later models are 3 Vf.

Seems like these RGB emitters would do fine in both versions.

Thanks! Those are the ones I used, actually

That’s a kewl mod, dk21291!

I remember I have a few of those changing color 5mm LED. I’ll give it a try.

The RGB mod is charming. I’ve been thinking of doing the same, but have been putting off ordering any more lights for a while, due to have a couple mods in progress waiting for me to have time to complete them.

Would you care to share the source for the specific LED’s used?

I’m also still toying around with the idea of making a set of monochrome C01’s…LED supply has something like 9 different wavelengths to choose from, but I figure I don’t need that many.

Perhaps I’d better pull the trigger before the unpotted colors sell out.

Thanks everyone for the kind words. I got the LEDs from Amazon, here’s the link:

Amazon.com (not an affiliate link, I can remove if not allowed)

I don’t see myself using anywhere near 100 though, so if anyone wants to do this mod let me know and I can probably send a couple for the cost of shipping

This seller “Clee Led Store” on aliexpress has 5mm >95 CRI and brand is Epistar

Straw-hat 5mm: https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256803689145122.html

Regular 5mm: https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256803688876860.html

I messaged the seller to ask if they can sell in smaller quantities.

Has anyone tested these already?

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Mine are still going strong I use only NI-HM batteries

Be careful, some of these little lights are a hard nut to crack. If my memory serves me well, the black ones are potted. With the others: remove the head from the light and push on the bulb. And all entrails will fall out of the head.

I’ve never attempted to modify the potted ones, appreciate the warning.

However, sofirn did sell a few unpotted ones with sophia leds and I do have some of those

Not available in Germany :sob:

I can order them to Italy, apparently, if you want lol. But 1000pc MOQ??

Wow, thats heavy. I don’t need 1000 pcs lol

Ah I saw this thread had been bumped and hoped these lights would be available again!

C01s with the 2 mode boost driver and SST20 was dope! Still have one even if I rarely use it.

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Yeh those lights were indeed superior, I’d love to see a run of those with the full Cree XEG line up in colour matching anodisation …