Average dude reviews #2 Nitefox UT20

(Disclaimer) Hi, This is the second in a little series of average dude reviews. These are reviews for the potential non-flashaholics that may wonder in. Some of you guys do such great and detailed reviews but they are sometimes hard to follow and sometimes I just want to hear if something is pretty cool or kinda blah. I know a bit about flashlights, but don’t mod, or program, and can’t tell which emitter i’m using just by looking at it. Also, maybe the manufactures here want a “muggles” perspective. So that’s what up!

Had this Nitefox UT20 for a while didn’t use it a lot when I got it. Before this my “tactical/tacticool” light was a Fenix LD20. I had been wanting something like that, but with an 18650 battery, and the Fenix, Nitecore, Klarus lights are all double the price of this. Ok. Turns out this is a pretty great light.

Look/anodization: First word. Basic. It’s black and smooth, but not slick or fragile. It’s really taken a beating and the anodization is really tough. In fact the whole light is really tough. It looks like it would be, and it is. I’ve dropped it multiple times from mid body and shoulder height, not intentionally mind you, and not a single failure to fire so far… knock on wood. If one were capable of using it as a Kubaton or in a hammer fist I’m sure it would do the job, though I try to avoid those situations.

Beam/LED: I like the beam profile for a tac light. Really good throw for a medium head and not to small a hot spot so if you do have to do close work it’s not reflecting back in your eyes. The LED is the reason I didn’t use it for a while at the beginning. Just didn’t like the color. Felt like I was seeing a little yellow/green/brown…. however after I took it camping as a back up light, and was using it, the color didn’t bother me at all outside like it did inside. Would still like to see it with a better LED but it’s really not as big a deal as I initially thought.

Button/rear/side: There’s a rear button and a side control button with a battery indicator. My first impression was that the side button was cheap plastic and squishy when pressed. I assumed it would be the first thing to break, but after hundreds or more presses it’s totally fine…. maybe even batter if that’s possible… do buttons break-in like shoes? The rear button is basic but works every time and has just the right amount of “travel” to do “temporary on” for signaling and stuff. I’ve also come to like it.

Tactical ring: What! what! I love this thing and started wanting them on other lights. It allows for a very comfortable “cigar carry” which I use a lot between my pinky and ring finger. It’s there so you can hold a hand gun and it should work for that. I’m usually holding an actually cigar or a drink. Also, no chance of rolling off a table.

Charging: Charging works great. It came with a battery and wire which have given me no issues. One thing that is annoying is the charging indicator. It’s like flashing red every 3 seconds means it’s charging, and red every 2 seconds means it’s not, when charged it turns green. It really should be flashing red means charge, green means done, nothing means nothing is happening.

Attack strobe: Heck yeah. Why not. If someone gets in your face, and the light is already on, hold the side switch for fast bright strobe. Then if you know what you’re doing, you will know what to do. If you don’t, take this opportunity to run. Most likely this hypothetical encounter will be with a trash panda. Same same applies.

Head: Since it was so tac oriented anyway I though it should have a crenelated attack bevel, but it turns out they make one (UT25) that has that and it’s probably not necessary on this model.

Warranty: It came with a 24 month warranty, which has past for me, but is still longer than most companies.

Uses: So for a long time this was intended for a friend down south to be attached to an AR. I believe this would be an excellent weapon light. Tough, reliable, USB charging so you don’t have to constantly take it off. Could be removed from the rifle and be held comfortably with a Glock (depending on hand size I guess). However, I’ve been using it more and more and may send a different light…

Suggestions? Sure. They could update the LED. Maybe they have as mine is old. I can’t tell, but if it doesn’t have anti-reflective glass, it should. I would really really like to see an additionally red light for secret spy stuff. Also, it probably doesn’t need an attack head if it’s going to be attached to a rifle, but it may be a nice “add on” option. All in all I recommend this. It’s not the smallest/lightest but it’s tough and reliable and well featured.

This gets a hardy thumbs up!.. Later!

First thing I did was ditch the “tactical ring” and silly clip (same silliness like on the original VG10s that had both), and instead, stuck on a deep-carry clip for the S2+, which not only fits perfectly, but also matches the semigloss black of the finish. Perfect accoutrement for it.

Watch the ring around the sideswitch, and snug it up tight. Mine came loose and fell off, but thankfully in my pocket, so I was able to put it back on and snug it up.

Great light…

Thanks for the heads up on the side switch ring. Especially since it’s usually clipped on the outside of a pocket or on a pack.

Out of curiosity I went to there site and it still works but nothing was for sale. Are these guys still operational?