AVOID! Fandyfire protected 1200mah 14500s

JUNK!!! no surprise here, just had to find out for myself I guess.

got 4 today from DX 'offer' site, paid $7

charge at 1A to 4.1V, discharge at 1A to 3.0V

1st cell (2 cycles) - 36mah, 38mah

2nd cell - 3mah

3rd and 4th just under 200mah

IMaybe I'll strip the PCB and reattach to unprotecteds I have...


EDIT: Opened paypal dispute. Posted review which DX did not show. Posted in forum for sku, got sheepish and cyclist chewing on me for opening a dispute. Replied to DX communication through paypal that requested I take a video to prove the cells are bad w/ a request for them to make a video of any of the cells performing properly. Got a refund 2 days later.

Cut the pcb from the one that didn't work at all. Now it will do 250mah w/ very slow charge and 500mah discharge.

Crap - totally useless to me...except maybe at firefrackers