AWEI earbuds earphones in-ear headphones ES900i

no i did not get free review sample and this aint review i am sharing crude info on the product which i just received from fasttech ordered 2 months ago.

comes with its own transparent plastic bag (seriously!), several original AWEI stickers all over the place i counted three, the retail box has a magnetic front flap similar to 4sevens old Quark boxes, everything looks expensive and highly professional. website is, 9 color choices i got black, included accessories are shirt clip, pouch, a total of 3 different-sized pairs of tips, instructian manual. build quality is amazing as stated by inet reviewers, i expect this product to last many years to come. the earbuds are made out of metal wtf (i've tested the material positive against neodymium) but not really heavy. the cord has special shape/profile and surface which doesnt tangle, nice feature. with integrated microfon, e.g. for iphone handsfree bluetooth phony. sound quality is excellent, great bass. my mp3-player's volume ranges from setting "0", "1", .. to "30". usually i listen at "15". but this crazy product is loud already at "1" omfg. maybe because it's in-ear stuff. fantastic audio quality highly recommended. last time i checked the product is not sold in Geman retail stores but the older version ES900 is available thru amazon for 15,90€ (~20US$) or 57US$ (what a rip off!).

who is AWEI? a specialist developer and original manufacturer of high quality earphones. no more Sennheiser's for me. AWEI has similar sound quality, does not suffer from counterfeits on the market, are inexpensive thanks to Fasttech, and the overall impression and build quality is, as said, totally amazing. strong buy recommendation by kreisl.

if you thinks this review s*cks then wait what do you think of the pic quality of my scan:

i know this review s*cks.

that's why i didnt call it this way.

but the product is goo. buy it. for yourself, niece, nephew, lil friend, or as super nice gift.

btw, since Jack mentioned running. reviewers report that the metal is too heavy for jogging. i wouldnt know, i dont go jogging, weather is cold. if you ask me i am thinking that those reporters didnt stick the buds strong and deep enough into their ****!!


I use an old pair of JVC Marshmallows in-ear buds when I run . I hope others chime in with their favorites .

They look very similar to Skullcandy FMJ (different cable boot though, and awfully overpriced).

I am hoping FastTech will begin to stock SoundMagic headphones.

Thanks for the mini-review kreisler! I could use a second set of noise-blocking buds. I’m happy with the ones that came with my phone, so these should be fine.
I noticed they have black and silver ones in their pictures, so I asked if they always ship black ones. I would hate to order and get yellow or purple! :open_mouth:

I bought a pair of these earlier this year from FT. Wow. Two thumbs up. Killer price. Flat cables. Microphone. What’s not to love?

Looks promising, adding to wish list now...

I usually use the old DX orange/aluminum earbuds...

...having purchased a few sets to have as spares back when the quality (and bass) was still good on those. I've only worn a single set out so far, and have a couple of spares set aside. Reviews have said that the sound quality has declined on the newer ones that DX is shipping now so I've been watching for a good alternative.

Umm, where can I buy them?

From the link in Kreisler's post above...

Also, the branding reminds me of the old AIWA brand. I loved their products; I had a couple of their car decks, headphones, and (still have and use) one of their stereo shelf systems. The stereo has great sound. The player on the 3-cd changer finally stopped working (maybe just dirty) but it had a line in and has seen a lot of use as my PC speaker setup with great sound/volume/bass.

Then Sony purchased the AIWA company simply to kill the brand off and eliminate the cheaper competition and generate more purchases for their higher-priced and less desirable products.


Omg, I clicked the wromg link and it was dead : /


Well remembered - I was trying to think of the AIWA name that these obviously mimic.

hmmm…. I’m using Sennheiser 300 II now for nearly 1.5 years and had Sennheiser 300 (I) before. Now I was planning to upgrade to their highend IE80 since my current 300 II are damaged (my fault in this case) but I’m always interested in getting a secondary cheap pair so now I’m intrigued by this post….

Kreisler, how is the bass compared to genuine Sennheisers?

Another question: When I want to buy them what is the cheapest source for genuine AWEI? I live in the US now but I also have an address in Austria and a need something from there anyway so I can use both US and EU import sources. Was empfiehlst du?

I have been using the awei es-800m which I paid less than 6$ on dx. This in-ear is the best you will get for the price. I also have the Sony mh1c which is also one of the best value/price earphone I have. I rotate these with the jvc ha-s500 a carbon nanotube headphone. The jvc is around 10 times the price of the awei, but its not 10 times better. The jvc will trounce a Dr Dre Beats for breakfast and lunch. But Sometimes I prefer the awei. The only problem with the awei is that it suffers from driver flex, ie you will hear the driver flex, crack when you insert the tips in your ear. I guess it’s not that bad bad coz the sound does not suffer until now. I have not heard the 900i. I think the driver is 10mm vs 8mm of 800m. Thus probably more bass, or not. I am more tempted with the es-600m then the 900i. I like clear, tight bass, not bloated bass. If you want better sound, you will have to spend 30$ for the sonymh1c, it has a more refined treble, very airy, the best I have heard for the price, period.

I had a couple of high end walkman tape players, one w an AM/Fm radio. They were generations ahead of the Sony’s…one had Dolby C and Dbx and it was regularly hooked up to my old stereo…you wouldn’t have known it wasn’t a full size deck. Miss that brand, good stuff- innovation and products.

you emigrated from A. to U., more sunshine weather how sweet!!

back to topic, Sennheisers (original Geman company!) .. it's my first day with the AWEI's and my Sennheiser's are all broken so .. :~

peeps on the WWW reviewed the AWEI sound quality highly and i am no expert in earbuds. cheapest source is FT and DX. anything else is overpriced. they are all original genuine authentic AWEI's. who would counterfeit them? the chinese?

lemme recommend FT. free shipping, fast usps delivery.


Black? Description entry for colour is Silver. :~
Pictures show both silver and black :~ :~

chinalotto da phun!


Gotcha…. not sure I want to play that one though. I’ll wait and see if Fasttech get back to me.
Thanks K!

Mine came in black as well.

FT has been good in answering questions for me.

I run with a pair of Shure SE-215's,

Moldable wire ear hooks and the shell shape fits my lobes perfectly. Might be too large and fiddly for some.
Too dangerous to ride with though, isolation is (too) excellent.
The olive-shaped sponge tips are super comfy.
Have never fallen out, even during hour-long cardio kick-boxing sessions.

It's been four years of 5-7 runs a week and they are still working perfectly.

They are a bit pricier than average, around a hundred bucks on eBay or Amazon.

But my fav are a pair of Heir Audio 4.Ai's

Since then I've spent at least an ungainly few grand on headphones alone, another few on amplifiers.
I could've gotten a Polarion HID, but I do it for semi-pro reasons and have almost earnt the same amount back for the investment.

My advice, don't ever buy higher priced ear/headphones because you'll never go back.

Jasmine just replied on the Fasttech forum stating that this is the silver SKU. She will try to get the official black SKU up soon.