Awesome bike light "testicle" edition at banggood

I would call this a product design fail at its best, i had to laugh when i saw the picture but i lmao when i saw the animated gif. Also funny that it hangs nearly at the anatomically correct place. Maybe someone else posted it before me, i dont know. Its called heart design taillight…. sure. Trust me that aint no heart. The user comments are even better

If that wasn’t marketed as a bike light I would be 100% sure it was a sex toy.

The one with the water splashing on it made me laugh! Hahahah

I had to laugh about the gif when it kind of jiggles from left to right. Even the name “taillight” is kind of suspiciois.

Looks like the set that some folks hang under the hitch on their big old 4x4’s! That is hilarious!

Big balls :slight_smile: lol

I think that’s exactly what it’s supposed to emulate.

Well, it was designed as a “heart”. Whats the matter with the set some folks hang under 4x4s? Never seen those in europe

Funny how a few pics bring out the 8 year old inside :smiley:

They have to make it orange and it probably will become a huge success in the Netherlands for Kingsday LOL

Still rotflmao over such a nutty conception……so when is the “she” version comin out… :smiley:

I wonder if calling it what it actually is would violate some sort of profanity law there?

I really think the product was designed as a heart, i mean it glows red and there is a man and woman printed on it kissing. I would say its a product design fail, i dont think of a profanity law. I googled those bull balls for trucks someone mentioned, never saw that before, ppl would laugh at you here in europe when you install such a thing under your car.

It’s a set o’ balls marketed for cycling exhibitionists. Pity the poor blokes exhibiting such …without a doubt will be run down from behind by a Monster 4X4 with an even Larger set. :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue:

A heart you say? Couple Kissing?….Hahahahahahahhahahhhhhhh……

What a Pisser !

I love the customer feedback ….one guy asked Banggood if they come in Blue

Best laugh I’ve had for ages

My first instinct was to hit the rude button.Saw this earlier today on the internet and thought OMG

Just add a little AAA twisty and you would have the full twig and berries.

The best part is the photo of the girl that has it her hands! Then she is massaging it! Does she come with the light? :stuck_out_tongue:

At least i am not the only perverted person on here :wink:

Sexy bikers! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

hahahahahahahaha i had not seen that moving image of the string getting pulled over and over again
how could they missed this OR would it be an attempt to go viral??

i LOLED irl. Thanks!