Baciamo le mani... from Sicily

Hi guys, I'm Massimo from Italy

Is almost 1 year that i follow you, all begins searching 3a/2a flashlights for xmas gifts, (and that say much about my passion for flashlights... we don't gift what we wish to receive? ) with yours help I ever made a good impression with my gifs.. also if often was hard separate from my precious.

My collection is very budget and poor I have: sa-s2 xpe EDC.. ss is a bit heavy but shine and dazzles when turn on, sipik sk68, skyray s-r5 xpg, the older a solarforce l2, it she was xeno I bought an r2 dropin, and now incoming 2 UF 2100 from DD 1 is gift

sry for length and for my bad english...

I just wanted to thanks you :)

A hug from Sicily.



Welcome MixoMaxo

Welcome to BLF, MixoMaxo....

Hi from north of Europe,


Welcome from wisconsin

Benvenuto a vossia!!

Welcome to BLF!

A new italian on BLF is always a good news.. It means the "virus" of flashlight is also here in Italy!

Welcome to BLF

sry I forgot to TY for the welcome

mmh in that way is done right?

cya around

Welcome Massimo!

Good to have you here.

Ciao MixoMaxo, welcome to BLF, enjoy your time here

Welcome to BLF, Massimo! Sounds like you are off to a good start with your torch choices so far. :)