Back on!! $65 shipped!! GROUP BUY proposal from Tmart: SKYRAY KING

Hey, gang!

Recently I was contacted by Louis Huang from Tmart regarding a post I made a while back pointing out some newer lights Tmart had finally added to their selection. He asked if I had some suggestions that could Tmart gain a stronger foot hold in the flashlight market. I suggested that he/they should start by checking their pricing and adjust to be more competitive. Louis took my advice and ran with it creating a budget flashlight page just for us BLFers.

One of the other tips I suggested was to look into what lights were currently popular and offer us a nice group buy on one. If they can provide good group buy experiences with us and maintain a good level of service and decent shipping times then they will gain our confidence and increase overall purchasing with us like DinoDirect did. I warned him that they had to maintain that commitment to keep the trust they gain from us (unlike DD who later raised all the prices and went back to crappy service). I suggested that they start with a very popular light like the Skyray King.

Well guess what? Louis contacted me again and said they plan on doing a group buy on the Skyray King but their only worry was that they only had a few in stock at the moment and purchasing them in advance is a very expensive proposition in the event that they don't sell as many as hoped. Since his command of English isn't his strong point (I think he does just fine compared to my Cantonese) he asked if I put out a feeler on his behalf to get an idea of how many would like to take advantage of this offer. So, here are the details...

Tmart normally sells the SR King for $80 shipped. They can guarantee a GB price at least $8 cheaper making it at most $72 shipped worldwide. The more lights we commit to buying the better the price they can do. Louis said they only have a few of them at the US warehouse and it takes 5 days for them to stock up. As soon as they arrive from their suppliers they will be able to ship immediately. Right now a few of us would get their lights incredibly quick but the rest would have to wait 5 days until the light shipped out. If we can give them a good head count of how many to get in preparation of the group buy they should be able to have the needed amount in stock to ship immediately at the time the buy goes live.

Since this light is high on my list of wanted lights I offered to help out. I only get the same deal as the rest of you (damn!) so my intentions with this are to save all of us (including myself) a few bucks on a light that is on the high end of the budgets most of us have. If the price is right those of us that have been waiting for the best deal on this light will happily pull the trigger. Anyway, if you think the price is a great start that could only get better the more members we have that want a King, reply to this thread saying you want one and how many. If this goes well for all parties involved it should be the beginning of many more group buys from Tmart. I will reserve the next post for updates and to keep a tally.

Thanks, folks!



I have contacted Louis to stress the importance of lowering the GB price as much as humanly possible since it was pointed out that there are a couple places where one can already purchase this light for under $70 shipped. If they can get close to $70 or less I would rather get it from Tmart due to their ridiculously fast delivery times and, from my experience, good customer service in the past. Will keep you all updated on how it works out. Keep on posting if you are interested because the more that do, the more motivated they will be to accommodate us and get our future business.

Perhaps even Louis will chime in with his thoughts and development now that this has started rolling.

Oh crap that figures, I just gave up in ever getting my KINGs from CNQG and just yesterday placed an order with HKE; otherwise I'd be all over this deal.

LOL! Exactly what would probably happen to me too! You could always cancel unless it shipped already.

Count me in.

ps. Oo hi! im new here 1st post. Reading this forum for a long time, finally signed up.

Not really a budget light (for me anyway) or one that I like.

Its already $69 at light malls with free worldwide shipping, and $62 here with free worldwide shipping also.

Right now my lights are piling up, and money is short.

Just had 4 lights come in this week, one from Tmart.

So, I may or may not get in on this deal. Most likely I will.. Wink

But, I gotta interject this.

The Customer Service and shipping time from Tmart(they are in NJ) on a scale of 1 to 10, they are an astounding 20!!!!!

I would be nice to be under the 70$ mark

Updated...see post #2

Hopefully they will come down a bit more for you guys. If they have more group buys in the future it would be good to know they have the best prices online when they do.

Great observation. We are Budgeteers here!! Wink

SKYRAY KING is $65 at ecflashlight with free worldwide shipping,and kaidomain also free shipping ,but it was so expensive!!

Would the GB be NW or CW version or would we get a choice, would much prefer NW to CW.

Louis Huang came into the forum recently asking all sorts of forgiveness and wishing very much to do business with members of this forum. He made a good impression on me so I decided a few days ago to give his company a chance and wanted to purchase their UltraFire CREE XM-LT6 8W 1300 Lumen 5 Mode LED Flashlight Black (Ultrafire HD-2010)

I contacted them and introduced myself stating I was from the BLF. All I wanted them to do was either package the light in a box, or make sure it's properly bubble wrapped so I don't receive my light dented or banged up. Basically the response I received was they are unable to ship the flashlight I wanted as requested. Added to the fact they are the only retailer that doesn't sell the light with the 26650 to 18650 reducer sleeves and charge $49.00 for it.

So I decided to purchase it from DXExtreme 2 days ago.

I'm glad to see those that responded to this thread for a group buy have had a good experience with them. If this group buy was for a NW version, I would have given it a bit more consideration though. Sorry to vent in this way.

problem with group buys is..

with all the hassle it creates the price needs to be really really good..if not there is no point in wasting everyone's time when we can get it one off at 65$ shipped..

appreciate T-mart being open to the group buy thing though..

But if tmart has them in stock in new york, this means getting it in a week vs. getting the light in a month. Not sure if thats worth a few bucks to anyone.

It is worth a few dollars, but not $10+ imo, $5-$6 seems reasonable though.

I'm waiting for black w/ med mode

buying from new york only benefits states buyers..I avoid buying from the states like the plague unless the seller will send with lower value and as a gift..many won't..

I'm interested if the light and dealer is located in the U.S.A., I've had too many bad experiences buying from overseas dealers, wrong merchandise, broken merchandise, no communication etc. Maybe I've just been spoiled by buying from places like Lighthound, Illumination Gear, Battery Junction etc. but I've come to expect good customer service from the places I deal with.