Backups?? Oooh Yes...Backups!

I did a fresh Windows install a week ago. Then 3 days of tuning and reinstalling time. Was running smooth and fast still today. Then my mouse pointer started to slowly move by itself.

No amount of hours of troubleshooting solved the problem. I then did a backup restore. Now it’s smooooth like butter yeah! :smiley: :beer:

So for the sake of humanity and the survival of earth, please do regular backups. :slight_smile: Otherwise you know what that mean…. it’s reinstall time again! :smiley: :smiling_imp:

I do backups of the 3 computers that I am in charge of on a weekly basis with Acronis True Image.

I only backup the system drives, but that's the most important drive to backup.

It can be a real lifesaver if you ever need the backup.

I mean you could do that But for minimal downtime I have drive thats a cloned backup of my OS since the primary drive shouldn’t have more than an OS and MAYBE often used programs anyway IF something happens I just swap in the clone, wipe the defect and clone again.

Is there any reason you did a fresh install and not a “reset” from the settings menu? The reset only takes 10 minutes and is exactly the same as a fresh install from CD.

Can’t use that functionality if your drive is dead or can’t boot…

I work in IT, so……
I take nightly backups of all my PCs (2 desktops, 2 laptops), to a makeshift NAS (laptop “server” with external drive). I then have another external drive for “cold” backups of the nightly backups.
I use the free Veeam backup tool as its pretty robust for free software.
I’ve had to use my backups a few times over the years and am grateful to have them every time.

You are only as protected as your last backup.

Actually, for my original crash, all my icons changed to the same icon of a particular program.

Then I reinstalled. Then activated “File History” backup plus “Restore”backup and finally Full backup.

Then pointer problem happened.

So first I did “Restore” but and error came up! :smiling_imp: So I did my full incremental backup and now it’s running good again.

Oh I decided to choose the “Incremental” backup method.

Anyone used the Incremental backup way?

Long story short….USB Recovery Boot Disk! The second most important item to have. Does yours work correctly? I hope so because I know your backup routine is top notch but when that reinstall day comes you better have the right boot disk. :money_mouth_face:

Yes having a good boot disk is important but since I have several computers I can generate a boot disk after the fact very easily. If for some reason all my computers didn’t work or got destroyed I can use someone else’s computer to generate a boot disk no problem…