Bad day at work. Going outside to play with my lights...

My boss is such an passive-aggressive loser. She thinks she is so smart that I can’t see the obvious deceit…. |(

If anybody needs me I’ll be out back playing with my lights :weary:

haha, been there, recently.

just remember, it comes back around to them :wink:

I thought I could see someones lights in the distance. Did you notice me flashing you back?Wink

Everytime I see your thread title, it amuses me.

I hadn’t realized that I go outside at night to test and look at my various lights, and until seeing your title, it hadn’t occurred to me that it is a legitimate stress relieving activity, which it is of course.

Whether using a hose to water the yard, or plinking with a BB gun in the back yard, or casually pitching the ball, going outside and testing and evaluating various lights and spills and throws, is all of the same kind of thing.

Sounds like Ms ironbox needs a flashlight of her own. Something in the d cell category perhaps? :wink: