bad I4 charger?

I just got my Nitecore I4 charger from Batteryjunction…I read the reviews on this charger and it sure looks like the v2 version. The problem is when I let it charge on 120 mains current for awhile it starts flashing all the yellow indicators together and the blue power idicator starts to pulse?If I switch to a 12v adapter(2 amp output from my X-star wp6) it works perfectly.I have heard that the v1 had problems with 120vac, but this unit looks just like the V2 in HJK’s review?Does anyone have any ideas?Oh ya, happy thanksgiving!-Rick

Was the box yellow? Then it is definitely the v2. I would just contact their CS and ask to exchange it.

It sure was Scaru……and everything on the charger matches the V2 in HJK’s review.Kinda pissed about it, cause this is the second time I have ordered this charger(not from Batteryjunction). The last one I ordered from those pricks “Wiseguys Gear” never showed up and the number is disconected!I’ll call Batteryjunction on Fri. and get another one…mabey three times is the charm?

Maybe, have you tried charging batteries yet?

Charging batteries?In a battery charger?Why would I do that? :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry, just being a smart a$$.Yes, I put my 4 new Tenergy 2600 in the charger.They weren’t that low 3.8 to 3.88, and the charger does work with a 12v input.I also puts some Eneloop’s in it and it acted the same way.