bag-o-lights (winner is drawn)

6000 posts, shut me up! giveaway: a bag of of my non-loved lights, as announced in this thread:

Most lights work, some don't or are not complete, one is indestructable (the Singfire p60 host) one is even modded (nr4 14500-zoomie with dedomed XP-E2 7A, very cosy). I will not pack it very delicately, but ship anywhere.


-BLF member since up to yesterday

-your first reply in this thread counts as your entry number

-your valid entry number is the postnr at the moment of the draw, sometime next weekend or next week

-you must post a picture of your least loved light (of the actual light, not a pic copied from the internet)

Good luck!


oct. 20th: winner is post nr 40 at the moment of the the draw: power911. Congratulations!

Congratulations on your 6000+ posts :beer:

LOL, looks like people arent too eager on getting your scrap for free :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: !

Someone will get lucky with loads of hosts for modding!

Gratz on yourt 6k post m8! For me you are one of the most valued BLFers….sadly you aint hunting but thats a matter to be changed! :wink:

Oh that is easy. I’ll gracefully take a pic of my GB sk 68 clone POC and have it uploaded ASAP!
Thanks for the giveaway!!

If it works, there should be a picture of my least loved bone stock triple AAA Husky piece of junk left on my office desk so long I forgot it was there light.

[edit] how about this? Well, it shows up - REALLY BIG maybe scale it to 25%?
Anyway, congratulations on a nice round number.[/edit]

Thanks for the GiveAway

This one was a Christmas gift many years ago. No name brand on it, the little gold sticker says “Made In China”.

It is used only for the low level laser, in the center of the LED cluster, to make the cats crazy trying to catch it. :evil:

I only use this for finding other lights LOL

But I like all my lights! Unlikeable lights just need to be modded until they are. I see plenty of potential there.

OK I don’t like this light, one of those super cheap harbor freight lights. Even at nearly twice the rated voltage where the springs start to overheat and LEDs start blowing it’s pretty lackluster.

My kind of giveaway! That Bag-O’-Lights™ is a big Bag-O’-Want for me!

I’m in!

But I can’t post a picture of my life-time least-loved light as it was trashed promptly on receipt:
It’s still this light:

…as mentioned in the thread mentioned in the OP.

The only current contender I have for this role is this light:

Reviewed here:
…but ultimately, disappointing. Large for its size, this single AA light is almost the size and weight of an S2+. Although I originally though it might have some modding/host potential, the odd switch arrangement died very quickly and I’ve done nothing further with the light!

@wrathbringer27: KREEPY FOOT ALERT!!! :open_mouth:

thrunite 2c v2

I literally hate the Thrunite 2C V2. It was the first time I spent “more” money on a flashlight and…. it was DOA. tried several batteries, both 2x 18350 and 1x18650. Didn’t help, the driver was apparently never working in this light. A shame because the Thrunite was the smallest 18650 light I have ever seen IRL.

I then went back to my Solarforce lights, they never failed so far and I have built the drop-ins myself.

Congratulations on your 6K posts - please count me in on the giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity.

congratulations to 6k posts!

a “5W POLICE” light and a 3xAAA from a lucky wheel at tinywind iirc

(yes - i know it says 3W on the light - but it was advertised as 5W (and draws 0,8W))

Congrats on your 6K posts!

my most disliked light has to be this TF Z3.

one of the first TF lights i bought, i modded it then the driver blew. then the switch broke. and the fine-threaded zoom i really hate. for a zoomie the beam pattern is to narrow on full flood, then the throw is mediocre. i just never liked this one and its threaded zoom design.

Congrats on the milestone and thanks for the opportunity to win your BoN-LL.

Nitecore EA4W.

This Nitecore is, by far, my worst and least loved light. From the ridiculously complicated UI, to the well documented switch issues, to Nitecore’s horrible customer service, it is the one light I wish I’d never wasted money on. It’s so bad that it stopped me from ever buying another Nitecore product and I gleefully speak ill of Nitecore at every opportunity.

This one stays on the shelf…. Why? To big, to little light…

At least for now…… :wink:

Thorfire TG05, This light would not work out of the box. Beautiful light, just couldn’t get it to work.

This thread just beggs some discussion about hated lights, but, pitty its a giveaway only, so no derailing I assume :D?
(I like UI on my EA8W)

A christmas gift from my mother-in-law with a tint called heisenberg blue:)

Lumintop BLF SD10

Bad modes and broke when I put in battery backwards. Can’t fix or mod.

Congrats on reaching 6000 mark!