Balder SE-1 switch problem

Hi guys,

my Balder SE-1 (forward clicky) won’t switch to constant on anymore. Momentary on and mode cycling work fine.

push~~on; release~~>off (as it’s supposed to)

but also:
push~~on~~>click; release->off (when it’s supposed to stay on)

What could be the issue and how can I fix it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My SE-1 had the same problem. I contacted my seller and in the following order, send me a replacement (replacement tail). Talk to your seller.
Another possibility is that you change the switch, it is easy to remove, not sure but they might be the same as in cnqualitygoods “switch 9.5mm”. (Ask the seller)

Thanks, ’Trevi, I’ll try that.

fasttech and intl-outdoor have a decent array of switches available in many sizes.

most are reverse clicky, just a caution