Balder SE-2 or XinTD V3 ?

Having just given my favorite light away to my son to take with him to his next duty station ( Army ) , I need a new 18650 light . I believe I have narrowed my list down to these two lights .

If you have a preference between these two lights or have another suggestion , I'm all ears .Thanks .

The XM-L led deserves a C8 size reflector and the XinTD is the top production C8 model.

What was the light you gave away? Those two you're looking at differ quite a bit on size. Wish I could give you some first hand experience with either, but can't. I can however, recommend the shiningbeam S-mini (xp-g). Very small with a decent clip. Now if I can only get that blasted head apart....(one of the hardest ones I've come across yet).

Btw, I thought you were a NW kinda guy? could always have a custom light built as well - Just throwing that out there

what are your main criteria?

budget price, throw, XML, size, weight, no XXXFire, branded goods, slim, C8-form factor, pocketable, EDC, keychain, popularity, tactical, ..

i for my part, if nobody wanted/bought the SE-2, would be the last to buy it. I enjoy buying popular stuff which lotta people own and talk about. It's just more fun to me.

Does that offer apply to everyone?

this exact offer for Jack only. but if you're interested in something, just lemme know (PM or so) :)

It has to be neutral white . I prefer flood over throw and love a smooth beam profile . Which of the two lights mentioned would be floodier ?

The light I gave to my soldier son was my beloved sand Solarforce L2 with an E1320 5 mode neutral XPG dropin .

I believe I would rather have a C8 style light with a neutral XML ( 3C tint preferably ) .

Can I throw another hat in the ring then, mind, you’d probably want to get e to put the “correct” driver in and a neutral led…….

At this point, anyone who’s read any of my posts over the last few days will know the answer……

Yep, keygos m10 :smiley:

Sorry, sorry, but I love this light, comes with good cells and an acceptable charger, i’ve not found a li po cell that won’t run it, beam is just gorgeous, nice hot spot with a real smooth spill, decent heft, well built, c8 reflector, cracking run time off the 26650’s.

It’s my new favorite light, it bakes nice if you want to play, has great heat sinking, feels good in the hand, easily drops into a cargo pocket or screw driver pocket in work pants. Just small enough to fit a head strap if need be.

Ok I’ll back off, of your choices, I’d be all over the xintd, I love c8’s and that seems to be the best available. :bigsmile:

I have ordered a XinTD V3 in neutral with 3 modes .

I like the fact that I could pick my tint and modes .

Thanks for all of the help .

Nice choice, I’m only a lot jealous…… :bigsmile:

I figure the the XinTD would work well as a bike light , so it edged out P60 sized lights .

My current favorite bike light is my Trustfire F-15 with an E1320 5 mode driver and neutral XML .

It will be interesting to compare these two lights .

I just ordered that same light in that same configuration. :beer: S) :beer:

I have the eairly (v2) XinTD w/the NW emmiter and 3 mode 2.8 amp driver.This light and the Xpg S-mini are two lights I would never modify.Perfect just as they are, almost to the point of being boring.I know…I whine when it dosen’t work as I want, then get bored when it works perfectly.Oh-Well.

My vote easily goes to the SE-2.

It will have more flood and the beam profile of every Balder I’ve owned - 3 different models - is about the smoothest you will find. I don’t have experience with a Balder light in NW but I imagine it fits and works just fine. Plus, Balder puts out quality built lights all around. The first version SE-1 and new HD-1 (piston style) are the only lights they needed to work out some kinks.

Really, if you prefer a smooth profile then a Balder light should be at the top of your list. They’re recognized for this particular characteristic.

The reflector diameter will be similar to your P60 but if flood is what you want then this will be a more practical light for you than a C8 sized light, which will throw more with its larger reflector.

EDIT: I didn’t realize you already ordered. Oh well… maybe this helps for anyone else reading :slight_smile: