BANGGOOD 15th ANNIVERSARY Celebration & Giveaway !!!! Congrats to All Winners!

BANGGOOD 15th ANNIVERSARY Celebration & Giveaway !!!

Congratulations " BANGGOOD on its 15th year anniversary ...More Power

Most of my flashlight came from Banggood store..

Looking to buy Fireflies PL47 MU Mule soon....

Happy Birthday and I am new to BG believe it or not

Happy Anniversary, Banggood! Thanks for feeding my habits hobbies.

And thanks, Freeme, for facilitating this.

Fifteen years - wow,
How quickly the years fly by!
I wish you this birthday
Smiles, happiness and luck! I dream of ASTROLUX EA01S

Happy anniversary, Banggood. You’ve been good to me on the many lights I’ve ordered.

This Could be Yours!

Congrats to the entire Banggood team, 15 years is a long time.

Happy Anniversary, Banggood! I’ve been working with and buying from you for many years. Here’s to many more!

The light that’s been teasing me for some time is the Astrolux EA02.

Happy anniversary Banggood!

Happy Anniversary, BangGood—also, !Good (in programming terms, an exclamation point is called ‘bang’). Cheers and many more years to you. :+1:

Best wishes to Banggood, congrats on your 15th anniversary.

Поздравляем с 15-летием! Banggood !!!

Happy Annual Banggood!
Thank you to you and freeme for the many cheap orders.

Happy 15th Anniversary Banggood! Best wishes :beer:

Congratulations and happy Birthday Banggood!! So awesome, thanks for all the awesome deals!

Im interested in the Astrolux MF01s and MF01 mini!

thank you and I appreciate all of the great deals! Thanks and happy celebrating!

Just got my Astrolux MF01 Mini from BG. But no cake?? :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Banggood ! :partying_face:

Closing date: Sep 30, 2021 (Beijing time GMT+8)

I still remember the first package I got from BangGood. My wife exploded! Thank god I had ordered batteries in the flAshlight and was able to demonstrate that it did not vibrate.

Happy anniversary, Banggood. Gracias al equipo. Thanks to all the BG team.