BangGood == Any current Coupon Codes?

Does anyone know of any current Coupon Codes or Discounts at BangGood?

If you are looking to buy something over $100 send me a PM with your e-mail and I will send you a coupon code for $10.

Disregard, apparently there is a better code.

Hi Flomation,

Last I heard, this was a post they made regarding coupon code for 10% off.

we now offer a 10% descount coupon exclusively to you guys. Using “BLF” you all can have cheaper purchases! But just once and only of one product of the flashlight or laser categories. Enjoy it!

Any other codes more than 5% that can be used on any category ?

b185f7 5% off for all items, but one account only can use one time.

Any codes on banggood. Want to buy a toy but the $6 shipping is killing me…No free shipping to Mauritius.

I bought a rc car a few days back with code bestbg. Was supposed to expire a few days ago bit just tested on your item and gives discount - I think it was 8%.

Thnks man but THX1 gives you $1 off instead of .96 :slight_smile:
One thing is confusing me in this offer. Do they give you the 5 trucks or only one? Very confusing labelling….

EDIT: Only one you get for the price. Seems like too expensive @ $17 shipped. Although it weights 450grams which is quite hefty for such a toy…

Any BG discounts on the TK35 UE 2015 Edition?