Banggood Bidding for Old Lumens

Hi everyone,

Old Lumens makes much contributions for our forum, as he need help so we want to join this project.

the thread of project:

official donation thread:

and we want to bid a Fenix TK75(2015) 4x CREE XM-L2(U2) 4000LM Super Bright LED Flashlight

Rule: 1,start price $50

2,reply your price,

3,End date 31 July 12:00 pm (Texas time) pay to for the project

5,after confirmed, we send light

I’ll bump it to $100.

Happy to see vendors giving back to customers :)

Nice! Thanks BangGood!

I'll do $120 !


I bid $ 150 :slight_smile:

$160 !

$175! J)

Thank you Banggood. Never purchased anything from you. Just as information, my Gearbest total (excluding other vendors) for this year is currently at about $900 in purchases. (Really should stop buying now :S)

I will DEFINETELY give you at least one try!


Really wish I could bid, but funding does not allow it for this month.

I have only ordered from Banggood one time (an Acebeam K40M) and could not be more pleased with their service.

‘DHL Expedited’ - only 5 days from China to Florida USA!

Banggood shipped in less than 24hrs, and DHL did the rest!

This was June 24th - June 29th.

Congrats to the future winner!

Thank you Banggood!

BangGood Rocks!!! :beer:



$200 Please

Is the bid over?

“3. End date 31 July 12:00 pm (Texas time)”

I think that you are still IN!


12PM is noon

Texas is 2 hours ahead of seattle

I posted around 9:30PM Texas time….

That’s like 9.5 hours too late

Hope I am wrong though


My bad… I see what you mean.

But, if it were not tonight when this ends, would there not have been an announcement of some sort by now?

Time will tell,


You are more than welcome to take it at $200, Vinh.