- any experiences?

Any experiences?

LOL, if I told my wife I was messing around on bang good .com, she would probably smack me and tell me to lay off the porn...

I guess they haven't shut down the Chinese Retail Website Random Name Generator just yet. = Chinese. = American. Is that like Hollywood vs Bollywood (India)

but do they sell paisley?

your match is very interesting but seems reasonable.

I have made some orders from them

a bit faster with the shipping than DX i’d say.

they seem to be one of the cheaper chinese sites i’ve ordered from, i’ve got a sipik sk68 clone for $5,71.
i’ve received a li-ion charger that i paid $3,48 for, but that charges my batteries with 80-100 mA instead of the stated 650 mA. i had ordered 2 more before i tested the charging current, so at least i’ll be able to know if it was an isolated accident or not :stuck_out_tongue:

so i’ve sent a couple of emails to them about the low charging-current, and when the other 2 chargers arrive and i’ve measured their output we shall see how their customer service turns out :slight_smile:

sounds like a porn business, pass!

They need to add ‘Long Time’ to that name! :wink:

yeah, i understand that.

i’m planning on transforming (pun intended) my friend’s skoda felicia ’99 into an optimus prime felicia by adding this decal patch to the front of his car :bigsmile:

so hopefully will give me and my friends a good laugh by enabling that prank! :smiley:

I have had (am having) a difficult time with Banggood. Ordered an item (RC heli), which took weeks to arrive, got sent back by some PO somewhere, was resent and arrived crushed.I extricated the item from the mess and had to glue the controller back together or wait another month or so. All instructions in chinese only so had to work it out for myself. Very nice looking toy, and flew really well - but not for long - came apart in mid air as a tiny pin worked it’s way out, then broke a critical little part as a result (which is not available - their spare parts list is insane as does not include anything which might break). Got a response from customer service asking for photos of package and item which I sent, but since then, all I get is the same obviously automated response and no communication at all.
So, no more business with them,
Am bummed as I really liked the item.

Stay away. I ordered a zoomie XML headlamp from them that was DOA out of the box.
When I ordered it took 6 days just to receive a order confirmation, another 29 days for the product to reach me.
When emailed them about the problem, they didn’t respond back for 4 days.
When they finally did, they offered me $7.00 for compensation. A lot of good that would do me, I would still have a defective light. I told them that would be unacceptable. Again, waited 2 days just to get a response. We went back and forth with emails 15 times. During that time, they switch customer service reps on me 3 times, and I had to explain the whole thing all over again to each one. They don’t maintain a email complaint thread, each of their responses is by itself. One of them told me to take a picture of the light showing the defect. Now how the hell do you take picture of a light that doesn’t turn on. Only when I launched a PayPal dispute, they responded right away. I got fully refunded, and they did not ask for the light to be shipped back, but that’s not the end of the story.
Two days later I got a email from them asking me if I could give them a positive review of the buying experience on ebay.

so, after complaining about my li-ion chargers that didn’t come close to 0,65 A charging current (0,1-0,3-0,45) i asked for compensation for the worst two chargers.
after sending some emails including pictures and a video i was refunded the money for two of the chargers to my paypal.

i haven’t got any experience with the more expensive stuff, but in my experience they can at least be trusted for cheaper items without hesitation :slight_smile:

I’ve got countless orders from them but not from their website.

They have about a dozen or more different eBay names.

What ya get in the box is luck. Had one lousy experience and that’s it for me. I feel Bungedgood is more appropriate. :smiley:

yeah… i ordered some stuffs mid november and i haven’t received my packaged yet …
i’ll say…they”banged me good” :Sp it’ll be my first and my last

how fast do you get your orders usually? my orders from banggood this fall have been faster than dx and focalprice, while tmart have been both faster and slower than banggood for the orders i’ve done.
bought some mosfets yesterday, seemed like something i might need in the future :bigsmile:

i’m still waiting of my package :((

I was banged good from them sent me a POS light instead of what I wanted and asked me to keep it because it was more expensive. So far not good for me!

I posted a few weeks ago regarding Banggood, and they did, in fact, come through for me. It took a while, I suspect because of conversing in ‘Chinglish’ but an understanding was reached and they shipped a replacement, so perhaps their intent is ok, but communication is a bit complicated. I feel it is only fair to pass this on as was pissed at the time, but they honored their word with ‘a thousand apologies’. Was’nt quick, however, and of course, the Xmas mail was no help.